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Yeah finaly. Today I picked up my fursuit from the post office.

The suit has been build by the wonderfully Sap E. Cat and his worker Dona, over at

The pics are all shot by Snap E. Tiger with Snap being in my suit for full suit posing. My own pics will come once fully unpacked and in it.

I'll be suiting 25th July at Cologne Fur Dance.
And 6-8th August to Gamescom (I be there from thursday till saturday).
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Hi I am a furry African Lion 

Hello everyone! I have no idea what this community is for but I was invited by Kiba Bluewolf and I'm open to discussion. I'm a furry wolf into rp and practically everything associated with the furry fandom. 

Is this comm about the fake fantasy of Pride Lands in Housepets?

RAWR.....curious dragon..shy, but can be open


Hello, I'm a gay tanther. How's everyone doing?

thanks for the invite... im sorta new here...


Hai folks :3, first post for new community. I'm Tanor Zeta Faux. :P
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