Good evening! I am currently a media specialist at North Columbia Elementary in Appling, Georgia. At our school we are eager to learn more about all of the tools Google offers for use in our classrooms!

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G Suite for the School Office


This 12-week, online, interactive course is designed specifically for the use of G Suite in school offices – central administrative offices, marketing and admissions offices, school division offices, and other administrative units.

The course will empower school office specialists and assistants to leverage G Suite for administrative tasks, communication, data collection, presentation, analysis and organizational work.  The course will focus on the core suite of G Suite apps, with special focus on:

+ Google Drive
+ Docs
+ Sheets
+ Forms & Data Collection
+Contacts & Groups
+Mail & Document Merge
+Data Collection & Analysis
+Automation & Integration of Tasks through Add-Ons
+Publishing Data with Google Sites

Registration in the course will give participants access to rich resources of learning materials, instruction and support in an interactive format. 

The course will include:

+ development of a personal learning plan and goal-setting
+ well-paced weekly learning units comprised of materials, resources and videos
+Interactive live sessions for deeper learning
+ support and coaching from the course instructor
+ regular self-assessments and feedback tools to gauge progress on individual learning plans
+ ongoing feedback and communication from instructor
+ access to learning platform, videos, resources and interactive forum beyond the course

Registration Cost

The cost is $265 USD


The next session of the course will begin the week of January 14, 2019, and conclude the week of March 25, 2019. 

Register Online at

Good morning! I am a media specialist in Georgia and I am working on my Google Certification. I am learning about Google features that I never knew existed!

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Celebrate CSEdWeek 2018 with a new
Hour of Code activity from CS First
December 3rd-9th

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week 2018, the CS First team at Google has created a new activity, “An Unusual Discovery.” ~

Students can use their imagination to code their own story about when two characters meet in a world and discover a surprising object. They will use Scratch, a block-based coding language, to animate and bring the story to life with characters, dialogue and more.

Two characters meet in a world and discover a surprising object. What happens next? Students create an interactive story using code by programming dialogue and animating interactions between characters and their surroundings.

“An Unusual Discovery” is a fun, interactive activity that can be completed in 15 minutes to an hour. Anyone can teach it and no computer science background is required. The activity is also available in English and Spanish.

Get started with the activity:

Check out the digital lesson plans & other materials for teachers here:

We look forward to seeing what kids create!

Hi all! My name is Kathleen, and I teach high school Spanish level 2 and AP this year. I am enjoying learning about and using all of Google's features. I particularly like Ed Puzzle for embedding questions within videos.

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For those of us that use our personal email addresses in GEG - I have created a new Technology Educators Group in LinkedIn to help foster communication between ourselves. I hope that you join me so that we can continue our conversations and learn to use technology better together. Thank you!

Hi, My name is Kelly Tam. I teach fifth grade (self-contained, all subjects) at Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Grovetown. I have had 1:1 student streams (laptops) for the past two years. I love trying out new technology tools to engage students!

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For a while I added resources for our staff to Google Collections (anyone remember Google Collections?), but this year I and +LINDSEY MARTIN have launched some Pinterest boards for tech resources for our faculties in our system. We have five boards currently including one with 30+ pins about G Suite and one board dedicated to the ISTE Standards for Students 2016 with sections for each of the component standards. We also have added boards for general Chromebook information, SEL, and Student Engagement. It's very much a work in progress, but you are invited to peruse and follow these boards if you are a Pinner. Board are linked under the locotech user listed below.

Good morning everyone,
With Google+ shutting down for consumers I would love to see this great group move onto to another platform for communication and collaboration.

My suggestion would be LinkedIn. I would be happy to start a group on there if anyone is interested. Thank you!
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