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This years limited edition of DANISH beach boulder flintelfs.
All 88 hunted and found!.. then cut grind drilled polish painted and personalized.
All work done by CMSTEN each one loved signed and numbered.
just ask for a deal at
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hey all.  I've been using snappea for what feels like forever and just found the google+ community.  I am a member of the facebook page, but I am so rarely on facebook so for me, this is a better place to post this than facebook.
But I am running into an odd problem that is starting to concern me.  When using either the regular version or the new beta version, I plug the phone into my computer, start up either version of snappea and snappea works perfectly.  But it installs 3rd party apps onto my phone like snaptube or clean master without my consent.  Normally I wouldn't really care and would just uninstall these apps, but one (forget the name of it offhand) that got installed on Friday got triggered by my antivirus as being infected.  I really like snappea, but I don't like that it is going to push apps to my phone without my consent.
Any suggestions on how to prevent snappea from doing this?  I do not wish to remove root access via adb, but if that is my only option, I will do that.

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Misses Bab and elf lover!

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Can not install it.
Have a Huawei U8650 Sonic with Android 2.3.6
Have moved as mucb apps as possible to SD card
Inter memory now at 16 MB, but I get the message not enough memory
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