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Propaganda taped upon the walls
The executioners curtain call
Fighting back for his identity
No retirement for revolutionaries

Cause Syggo hung himself / Syggo hung himself
It happened just the other day
Odin called and rather than feel guilt
He thought he find a better way
With slashing, and stabbing, and maiming and ramming

Death dropped her long black lovers locks
Where his cheap discardable thrift store clothes lay
He tested the rope tied to the rafters
Van Halen helped him JUMP
And it was through
A fading Nuremberg point of view

Cause Syggy hung himself
Syggy hung himself
It happened just the other day
No more half-ass measures, Russian roulette
He thought he find a better way
With arson, and shooting, and poison, and beatdowns, and fatal industrial sabotage

Brief shitty life flashed before his eyes
What a swingin' guy

Turning gray with mold
This is where he died

Give it up [x2]
Throw it all away

Burning acid bath
Pulmonary wrath
Feel the boiling surge
It won't let you go

Throw it all away [2x]
Throw it all a....... [2x]
Throw it all away

Swinging in his room
He just won't come out to play
That poor bastard hung himself the other day
Oh how the years seem to fly by
Is death the final high?

'cause Titus hung himself / Titus hung himself
It happened just the other day
Life's short and hard, like a powerlifting elf
He thought that he'd defend his race
With hacking, and phishing, and sniping and contracts
And shredding and setups and ripping and gouging
And tearing, attacking, and car bombs and whackings
And disposing of cold meat given into other mens hands

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Oh fuckin' PUH-LEEEZ... Look, my biases are obvious, but does anyone see how unfair and retarded this is? Yes, I am a National Socialist. Yes, I like metal. That doesn't mean that there is ANY connection whatsoever, even though I personally think that there is a fairly strong philosophical case that can be argued for the ethos of metal being mostly similar to if not grounded in and originating from the ethos of the Indo-European peoples. Let's say that that contention is true: It STILL doesn't mean much other than that corporate types and media types (many of them hysterical, paranoid, fanatical Jews) HATE Whites, HATE what they see as White music, HATE what they see as White racial consciousness or pride or identity or racial spirit, HATE what they perceive to be a culture of REBELLIOUS Whites who shun the mainstream tastes for urban jungle "music" or lame plastic pop poop. This is NOT a case of "racism ruining metal for everyone". It is a case of metal being attacked because it attracts people from all walks of life or worldviews who believe/think/act/ARE radically DIFFERENT.
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