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I made this community to commemorate Daniel Kyres death,he died one year ago. Many people miss him,I hope he is happier where he is,he was a true angel on earth and now he is an angel in the heavens.. 
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He was a good friend to everyone...R.I.P Daniel Kyre 

I joined the Markiplier fandom around the time when he posted the video "Lost a Friend." I was kind of upset that he was going away for a little while since I had just found him, but I understood that he needed some time. I didn't know who Daniel was at the time, but as I got deeper into the fandom I watched a few Cyndago videos and thought 'Oh, that guy seems cool.' It took me a while to realize that it was the same person. Yesterday I was watching through a lot of Cyndago's videos for a Darkiplier music video thingy I'm working on, which led me to the Daniel video.
Rest in peace.

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~This is not a comic but it's been a year since Daniel left us I never new to much of Daniel but knowing that it hit Mark hard and made him cry hurts me too. I would write more but I gotta go.
Fly high Daniel 💕 we miss you 😢
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Is it sad that I actually cried for that one day..? r.i.p Daniel ;-; its sad because my grandma died on the 15th too of this year, r.i.p Daniel, G-ma and me ; - ;

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Rest in peace daniel. Thank you for making us smile.

Daniel was a great guy to make you smile and laugh.......He still in owr hearts.....R.I.P 

He was a good friend to everyone and we will all miss him.. rest in peace Daniel...
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