We didn't get enough people to sign up for the giveaway! We will try it again. If we can get at least 10 members to sign up for the giveaway it WILL HAPPEN with prizes of:

1st. 5,000 Gold
2nd. 2,500 Gold
3rd. 1,250 Gold

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Hi everyone,@Bordahn here!  Happy to be in the guild.  I'm leveling my Khajit Nightblade with my girlfriend's Dragonknight.  I'll be pushing Alchemy, Enchanting & Provisioning and she's taking up Blacksmithing, Clothing & Woodworking.

Yo,@Toyguns28 here. Your friendly know-it-all Battle Sorc. But really I'm here to help if you need it, so feel free to shout at me if you need me [insert saucy winky face here]

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This weekend we will be doing a 5,000 gold give away, please reply if you want to be entered with your ESO account name!

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This is a great site for everyone to visit with lots of game information.
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