If anyone is interested in using CLASSCRAFT with their class for your behavior management this year please let me know. I'm an ambassador and can get you 2 free months of the premium version for you to try it out. I highly recommend it. If you don't know what it is, check it out at classcraft.com

Looking to go paperless especially for writing. I teach 4th grade. I plan to make use of Google classroom and docs and all. Just wondering thoughts on using the computers for writing. Should students be drafting and I'm making suggestions right in docs or should I still have them use a writing notebook? Thoughts? 

Anyone use an online gradebook? I use to use Engrade, but they are now getting rid of their free version. I am looking into "Learnboost". Any suggestions? 

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What are your 2016 EdTech resolutions? Join us LIVE tonight at 7pm on www.TeacherCast.tv for the TechEducatorPodcast tonight.

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the goal is promote student understanding of concepts, technology often helps by delivering challenging learning in reasonable bursts.

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I am looking to provide students with new emerging technologies that can not afford it.  Please support this educational initiative to our students.

Fantastic session at EdCamp Glabal on google slides!  Fast paced and content rich!

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How easy to take your class on an underwater adventure

Tonight at 7pm, the TechEducator Podcast welcomes ADE and CUE Rockstar teacher John Corippo on the program. Learn all about App Smashing and how to become an ADE tonight LIVE on teachercast.tv
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