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The creator of ASE, Patrick Wetmore has provided a Player's Guide to ASE. It has class info, and some gear lists.

Guaging interest in continuing with the Gatehouse tonight.

Tonight's XP is for the following

Monsters: 260 XP
Discovering the Research Facility: 500
Creativityand good ideas: 250

Each Player gets 505 XP, and the potential for more XP when stuff is sold in Denethix.

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My map of the area we explored last session. I think I need to switch to markers for colorizing it as the colored pencils I use don't really scan well. That pyramid in the cave is supposed to be a tent.

XP for tonight's session is 65 XP for encounters, plus an addtional 50 for roleplaying and other stuff. If you have a 13+ in your prime reqs, add another 10% XP. 

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tonight's session.

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Map of the game area taken from my notes.

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Here's the rough version of the Robot Class

I thought I'd toss out a few things about how I'm going to be (attempting, at least) running future sessions.

I will be using the 2d6 Reaction table alot (I completely forgot about this last week, and after running a B/X game utilising it for one of my RL groups this past weekend, find that not only does it lower the lethality of the game, it makes things a lot more fun)

When attempting actions that don't involve attacking, stat rolls (roll under), or saves, I'm allowing a 2d6 mechanic inspired by both Dungeon World and the Reaction table for such actions. Depending on how you guys want to handle it, you can roll yourselves or have me do it. I'm fine either way.

Creative and entertaining ways of dealing with things (as well as those that make or everyone laugh), will net an initial 25 XP on the spot bonus. Also, creative out of session (or in-session) things like +Aaron Day 's map will gain an XP bonus. (short, in-character synopses of sessions or parts of sessions will be great). Just post them here, and I'll set up some new catagories in the community to support those. 

One everyone gets some more in game money (and makes it to Denethix) I'll put up an equipment list on Google Documents for everyone so as to amke shopping easier, though I may toss out random items from time to time at certain places.

How does that sound?

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Here's a neat take on a class that not only do I like it, but will allow in this game. 

Here's Gus L's take on the Assassin as well.
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