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Hi there!
Found the app with Appoftheday.
I tried to link GeoTask with Dropbox (great plus, the sync option), but it says there are few tokens because it's a beta feature... o something like that. Can it be fixed?
Great app anyway, keep up the good work!

PS: just to know: italian devs? 

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GeoTask 3.7.0 is out:

- Possibility to select favorite language
- More selectable alert ranges

Download it now:

Help us to translate GeoTask to other languages:

Thank you for the invite.

The permanent notification when I have a task set needs to go away. It's just taking up space and I don't need it.

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New GeoTask version 3.5.3 is out!

- Fixed small issue with popup notification!

Check it out! :D

I got a "unfortunately geo task had stopped" error. Just an fyi

Ive had alot of fun with this app.  works great so far and has helped me remember things easier.  i wonder have ya'll seen the recollect app that is similar?  Not as "Pretty" as ours but still similar w/ preloadable home, work, grocery, etc...........
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