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So I went to Reykholar this weekend. The place that is the home of +Jason Morningstar s oneshot setup and the home to all of the four Sagas of the Icelanders games I ran last year. I was happy to find that there were hot springs just like we had in our games. I think this is the place I have traveled to that I have had the strongest connection to without ever really being there. It was strange feeling all those memories of games and characters get attached to places as I went trough this very small and isolated town.

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Ended my longest PbtA campaign to date with an epic holmgang between two of the player characters. Celebrating with some homemade mead to mourn ending my longest going group in Oslo before I move with some approptiate homebrewed mead. The game in question is of course Sagas of the Icelanders which in has been my most played game the last year and has become one of my all time favorites.

Hi Folks

Our group played our first session of Saga of the Icelanders on the weekend and it was a great experience, however, I have a couple of questions that I hope the more experienced of you can answer.

One of our players is a Seidkona. During the session the Seidkona made a number of Volva moves. Two of the visions focused on two other PCs. The Seidkona has Relationships with both the PCs in the visions. Does this count as targeting the other PC with a move, and allow the Seidkona to Mark that Relationship? Note: the PCs did not ask the Seidkona to consult the runes on their behalf nor did they ask for her help as a Spell Weaver.

Another Seidkona question. In one online play through of Saga the Seidkona in the group was able to use their bonds at at distance to assist or hinder another PC. The Seidkona was a Spell Weaver, but my reading is that the 3 bonds gained from this move, and only those bonds, can be used at a distance. The other bonds the Seidkona has e.g. from Relationship etc, should be used when the PCs interact with one another and that is usually in close proximity. Is that right?

Many thanks for your answers and thoughts in advance.

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Hopefully it's alright to post this here as some inspiration. If not I'm more than happy to remove it. I recently just finished reading this comic and thought that it reminded me quite a bit of a game of Sagas of the Icelanders. The only real difference being that the story takes place around a farmstead in Scotland's Orkney Islands rather than Iceland. Nonetheless it's a great story involving the sort of betrayal and bloodshed that you'd expect from a Viking Saga.

There's a greedy relative, a mysterious wanderer come to reclaim his birthright. Questions about faith to the Gods whether they be Norse or otherwise. Honour called into question, false romance, surviving a harsh winter. A rumour of a monster and being cursed by the Gods (really the hero pulling a ruse), Norse mythologic symbolism. Everything you could want from a good Game of Sagas of the Icelanders. It doesn't stop there the MC (or in this case writer) makes sure to throw the characters a few curve balls that they weren't expecting. Honestly I'd recommend that MCs read this for inspiration when they run Sagas.

Hey Folks

I am about to run my first Saga of the Icelanders game in a couple of weeks and am struggling with the fronts and threats. I understand the concepts and their interactions, but can't get my head around how the MC sheets practically work.

I'd be grateful if someone could share an example of how the sheets are laid out and actually used as I want to play this game as it is written.

Many thanks in advance, Matthew

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I feel this has probably been shared already, but better safe than sorry.

Hey everyone, sorry for being a bit late to the party.
I got to know Sagas of the Icelanders a few months ago and would like to host a session some time soon at a Games Club. I do have a PDF version of the rules, playbooks and MC moves, but I was looking for some public/promotional material that I can send out to possible players in advance to advertise a little bit. However, it seems like the old Indiegogo website is deader than dead, with not even the youtube link for the promo video working anymore, and also all the public links to playbooks etc. that were shared on Twitter at some point are dead.
Can someone please point me to some place on the web where I can direct my prospective players to that does a bit of advertisement for the game?

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Did anything ever come of the Companion I've found reference to on the older parts of this community?

I was thinking about hacking some of the concepts from Sagas to be used for a Middle Ages game. Specifically England under Norman rule. I do have some ideas for playbooks. Thoughts?
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