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Name: Roy William Harper jr/Roy Harper
Hero name :Arsenal
Age: 18
Weapons: bow , arrows,trowing knifes
Allies: Green arrow , Black Canary
Normal look: first photo
Hero look : second photo
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Erin walks to the town feeling tired and scared 

Hiya I'm Terry McGinnis
NAME: Terry McGinnis
Superhero name: Batman
AGE: 25
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human
Appearance: 6ft 2in, 134lbs, fit and athletic
equipment: Bat-gear
Family: +Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight and +Terrence McGinnis
Girlfriend: N/A
Alliance: Team Batman
Affiliations: rookie cop, bachelor
Skills: Martial arts, technology, battle
Powers: N/A
Trained by: Bruce Wayne
Weaknesses: Damage to Batsuit
Bio: Born in Neo-Gotham, often spent life in juvenile detention because of a troubled childhood. was sought out by an elderly Bruce Wayne who took him under his wing and made him the new Dark Knight

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My name is Malcolm Merlyn, I am the Dark Archer, the infamous archer. Before I became who I am now, I was a rich businessman from Star City and I had a happy life, a boy named Tommy, a wife who did charity work in the Glades, it was happy, just pure bliss until she was gunned down by thugs, she died that night, but after that; my whole life changed, I left my remaining family and went to Nanda Parbat and studied how to be an assassin and an archer, until I eventually came back to Star City and resumed business and started planning revenge on the Glades, I made many enemies and many allies. Then Oliver came back from his time on the island, and he started investigating me, then he stopped me from destroying the Glades, then a year later I went back to get my daughter Thea who her mother kept a secret, I took her to Corto Maltese and trained her to become a warrior, but then she left me, considering me not family anymore, but don't worry, because not so long later, I made a deal with Oliver to help him infiltrate the league and in return, I became the head of the league, and in that process the league was splintered until Oliver cut off my hand and gave control of the league to Nyssa, now I'm just trying to do what I always do.....survive.
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Malcolm Merlyn RP Profile
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N A M E i am Felicity Smoak

A G E 26 i am

G E N D E R female of course

B I O Felicity was born to Donna Smoak and an unnamed man. When she was very young her father abandoned her and her mother. She reputedly lived in Las Vegas with her mother until she went to college.

P E O P L E   W H O   A R E   C L O S E oliver queen Boyfriend thea queen friend laurel lance friend sara lance friend Donna Smoak mother

A B I L I T I E S 

Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Leader: Felicity is an intellectual whizkid, as evidenced by the crucial role she plays in Team Arrow, as well as her enviable skillset in tasks such as information retrieval, computer software and technology, and the creation of customized gadgets, among other things. She was able to draw an accurate theory regarding Oliver's alternate identity from the few requests Oliver asked of her which would later be connected to the vigilante's activities, but she did not expose his secret identity to anyone, nor did she mention it until Oliver entrusted her with the information. Felicity hints at being scientifically proficient from an early age (claiming to have been engineering computers since she was 7), which is a recurring trait among child prodigies. She is also an adroit card counter, telling Oliver that "it's all probability theory and mathematics". When Felicity infiltrates an illegal casino in "The Undertaking", she is so adept at winning card games that she was immediately reprimanded by the owner, who was under the impression that she was cheating. She has a superior memory, and is an expert engineer, showing her prowess in disabling both bombs and the Markov device. She also hoards and displays intimate knowledge in many other subjects, such as history, politics, economics, geography, physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry. Being the Vice President of Palmer Technologies, she has proven to be a proficient businesswoman as she was able to help Ray secure rights to the mines. She proved to be worthy enough for Ray to pass ownership of his company to her. As third-in-command of Team Arrow, she has some skills as a leader as she was able guide Oliver and the team on their missions as giving them directions and instructions. She would occasionally step in to take command when Oliver and John would have problems or disagreements.
Computer specialist: As an M.I.T. graduate (class of 2009) and a former member of Queen Consolidated's I.T. department, Felicity has proven herself to be a highly skilled computer specialist. She was able to recover valuable information, such as the blueprints of the exchange building where the Unidac Industries auction was being held, from Floyd Lawton's damaged laptop, despite the fact that it had sustained bullet holes. She was able to find the delivery location of a teflon-coated titanium blade arrow by tracking down its manufacturing company, Sagittarius, and finding out where and when it had been purchased using the company's records. She analyzed a sample of the drug named Vertigo and was able to find its manufacturing location in the city. After discovering the vigilante's identity, Felicity constructed a highly effective computer system in the Arrowcave, which she uses to locate people, places, and things Oliver has a problem finding on his own.

Expert computer hacker: Felicity is a highly-skilled computer hacker, capable of breaking into any computer system, which makes her a valuable asset to Team Arrow. She was able to hack into the crime lab computers of the SCPD and order the disposal of the vigilante's blood, which had been lifted from a crime scene for analysis. She also managed to easily hack into A.R.G.U.S.'s databanks in order to track Deadshot's movements and broke into Harrison Wells' (the director of S.T.A.R. Labs) personal files. The only computer system which proved immune to her skills was that of Merlyn Global Group, but this was remedied with the help of Oliver and Diggle, who snuck her into Merlyn Global Group's headquarters so she could gain direct access to their mainframe. She then proceeded to download the entire schematics from the Markov Device, and planted a Trojan in the system, so they would know what Malcolm was up to. She is more than able to bypass most firewalls and is also able to do so with surprising speed.

Expert engineer: Felicity is an expert engineer, showing her prowess in disabling both bombs and the Markov device.

Expert driver: Felicity has the ability to drive multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. She is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known to be a car or a van.

First aid: Felicity is shown to be skilled in first aid, due to the fact that she was taught by John Diggle.
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Ɲαмє: Thea Dearden Queen

Aℓιαѕ: Speedy/Red Arrow

Agє: 20

Ɠєη∂єя: Female

Hαιя: Brown

Ɛуєѕ: Green

Rєℓαтινєѕ: Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Malcolm Merlyn (Ra's Al Ghul)

Aвιℓιтιєѕ: Archery, Hand-to-hand combat, Swordsmanship, Martial Arts
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Practices hand-to-hand combat on a dummy

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Hi my name is Thea Queen aka Speedy, i am Olie's sister
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I walk into the building looking for a job when...

((Open RP/ I'm using Red X's secret identity Riley Murdock))

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The city is looking well
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