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Typical Pocket Gopher damages. From plants to foundation loss, sink holes and dens under bathtubs, pocket gophers are continually adapting and using what we put on and in the ground against us.
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Moringa destroyed!

New clients called about their longtime gopher problem. They're backed up to two serious nuisance properties; a field with grazing cattle and a water treatment plant.

Pocket gophers are opportunists and will use walls, roads, PVC pipes and curbing to tunnel undetected to reach plants, plumbing pipes, water features and swimming pools, which are perfect time for dens and raising generations of young.

While many assume trapping is an instant fix, it isnt. Traps must be set strategically, checked and services, changed out and repeated until the population is wiped out and that still doesn't guarantee that a new gopher can't enter in-between old runs by making a new tunnel. This is why the customer plays an important role in making sure he upholds his responsibilies by notifying us to any new mounds, irrigation, trap tampering, etc. If the customer fails to help us help them, then they are actually helping the gophers do more damage. This is not the case with the customers that lost this amazing tree, but we have had others, so it needs to be mentioned.
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Pocket gophers are incredibly destructive, unfortunately some states are regulated by some that prefer to protect these rodents and barring property owners from protecting what they've puchased. This is absurd.
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