I can't be the only one who when they go into fire alpaca they can't turn the colour thing into the color wheel instead of the color thing with the IDs and the color thing won't show up

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My friend made this for me

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What have i created

do u guys know how to fix this? whenever i trey to make a G.I.F it wont let me....

Hello, I'm new to digital art. I found out about FireAlpaca and I want to start as soon as possible. I looked at everyone's work and thought it would be too complicated but with FireAlpaca, and it's tutorials, I think I'll get it.

Although I'm having a few problems with the mobile version (if someone could help, it would be great), I won't stop practicing.

I'm used to pencil drawings, but I want to animate.

Anyway, thanks for having me.

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So I'd say I am fairly new to Fire Alpaca I've been using it for two weeks jacking around making commissions but I really need some tips to make my art better. So here are some examples I have (I made the galaxy backgrounds)
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Some doodling on firealpaca of my ghost OC Émilien

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Can somebody help?
I'm using FireAlpaca on tablet, and everytime when I want to draw something, This is happening.
In MS Paint it's normal.
I'm using newest version.
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I'm sorry for bothering u ppl but I accidentally closed the brushes and paint thing and I have NO idea to get the layers open either PLSSSSS help!!!!

Ya know the pain of having to update because you need a tool... Ughhh...
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