While providing feedback, not able to scroll down to hit submit button on portrait mode. I can only do on landscape mode. (Nexus7)

One "bug" for this app version, I am asked to provide feedback on session I just marked as I want to attend while session did not even started.

App is missing the details for my talk 'Android for healthcare'. They were put up on the conference website very late, so perhaps it's a case of not having been copied across to the JSON API?

Am hoping my trip all the way from Australia will be justified by having some people in the audience, so would be very grateful if the details could be sorted out. Thanks in advance +Al Sutton !

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Hello again everyone!

In a follow-up to a previous request for feedback for the new Tweets UI, I've taken a suggestion from Teresa Holfeld and drafted out a redesign of the overall branding and of the schedule list.

The goals are:
   1. Having a more distinctive and clean ActionBar
   2. "Fixing" the logo on the ActionBar, which always felt too busy to me, especially because it's full of details and colors
   3. Getting rid of the different accents (either green or blue) found in the current UI
   4. Tweaking text colors a bit to improve consistency
   5. Changing the timeslots list items BG to match that found in the new Tweets UI (see [2])

What I have here is a really early proposal of redesign. The things I am most uncertain about, right now, are:
   1. The green accent shade, which might be too bright
   2. The "browse sessions" color (is it worth having it of a different shade than the accent?)
   3. The texture for the bottom countdown bar (I'm really not a fan of it)

I'd love to get your feedback on these points and, of course, on the general UI. I'm not going to have a deep redesign, that's not the point, I just want to "fix" what's already there.

Oh, and, do you like the monochrome logo at all?
That's kinda important :)

[1] https://plus.google.com/u/0/106129364465361264599/posts/TGaCwfieoFG
[2] https://www.dropbox.com/s/7b6widj0nzj9vrn/2013-09-25%2015.37.59.png

CC +Al Sutton 

getting 404 for the beta link and app link? Unpublished?

Where's the install link? (he said, blondly)

On first run v2013.02, on both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, it was stuck forever on "Waiting for sync...". A click of refresh on both fixed it.

Is the "configure WiFi option" ready and supposed to be in the prod release?

Here are two possible points of improvement:
It worked but had no confirmation, which seemed weird as I didn't really know what it would do and whether it was synchronous or not, and the network it added was Google5G, which I'm pretty sure isn't the one for Droidcon :-)
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