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To all the mothers of earth, or any one who has been a parent to a child, wether or not you have physical birth to that child. Congratulation on your greatest achievements.

I dedicate this song to you, if you have lost someone you love....there is something in this for you.

Give thanks friends.

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For those who lost a love one like I do...
I share your experience, and so I want to tell you that when you love someone and keep them in your heart and mind, not even death can take them away from you.

This love is for you...
Listen to the meaning of the word and not just the words.


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The language here is simple truth, and yet esoteric, and may only be understood by one person in a million.

You know a thing mentally by looking at it from the outside, by analysing it, comparing it, defining it, and thinking of it.

Where as you can Only know a thing spirituality by thinking from it, and by becoming it.

You must be the thing it itself and not just talk about it.

You must be like the moth in search of it's idol, the flame. The moth fold it's wings and plunge into the fire until it becomes one with the flame.

Just as the moth whose desire is to know the flame is willing to destroy itself. So must you who are willing to become a new person, you must be willing to die to your present self.

If you are to know what health is, you must be conscious of being healthy.
You must be conscious of being secure if you ought to know what security is.

This is were it gets spooky for many, for if you are to truly know who or what God is, you must become God in order to experience God. "I and My Father are one, but my Father is greater." "Greater is in you, than is of the world. " I by myself can do nothing, and so my Fathers will be done."

This is what holiness and integrity means, to submit the self to that which is beyond the self.

The faith for all work has already been given, from the fountain in you which is the kingdom of heaven.

At some point in this life, if you continue to be human, you will fail, and our lives may fall apart. The pain And failures are inevitable. And so I must be aware that when something terrible is happening, that something good will come out of it. Therefore when I fail, and I do fail sometimes, I must fail well. For so many times I have found my rainbow in the clouds. So many times bad circumstance or situation place me in a better place. My problem was then, I suffered unnecessarily, for I did not know that.

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Lift up your eyes
John 4:35
"Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."
To "lift up your eyes" is to visualize and imagine in your minds eye and see it as already done.
We are always imagining things and most often things we don't want and wonder then why God is not hearing our prayers. We do this unconsciously, but Jesus is inviting us to visualize and image what our heart desires and see it as done. The time is now!
To lift our eyes is to see above and beyond the appearance of things into a realm that is of Love and grace and not limited to this world's laws.
For the realm where the father dwells, is not of this world but the realm of all possibilities.

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"Knock, And He'll open the door
Vanish, And He'll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything."

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This is not a contradiction. However the invitation is learn how to do hard work in an effortless way.

You cannot do this without discipline, If you are a lazy thinker, or too self critical. For life on a day to day basis can seem like hard work to be and stay happy. But it's not if you are flexible, and is kind to yourself. Use your ability to think critically outside of what you believed about yourself...and go with the balance. Go with what less resisting.

This is what is in front of me..

Now what?

Do what's best!!!
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