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Times are a changing...

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I've saw this somewhere.. nowhere better to post it than this community.
a recipe for more peace and happiness around us :), maybe for ♥☺World Peace☺♥ too :)


This is also a recipe for making google+ a more uplifting space of positivism and optimism, gratitude, praise and understanding, with mostly bright/kind/helpful/positive comments/posts about the present and future, and even about the past (forgiveness allows us to forget and focus on the bright future we can create, not the past we failed to create).

There is a kind way to make a "helpful in the perception of the comment/post maker" comment/post and also an unkind way to make a comment/post.  We can all perhaps recall to more frequently choose the kind way... the gentler way, the nurturing way, the polite way, the softer way.

Suggestion:  try use smiles sign :) more often, ☻♥... and when saying something in a comment or post, use positive words.  Instead of saying "stupid", use "maybe not the most intelligent", since we don't want to make google+ like the other media.  :)  Let's try more often to raise the bar, defuse tension and replace anger with compassion, ridicule with helpfulness, "must" with "could", "is" with "may be", make more frequent use of "perhaps" since we are not the all knowing ones, etc.  :)     

Thank you and perhaps we can all be more positive.  :)  THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY. 

It's better to be silent (or unfollow someone who posts something that you disagree with) than to write negative or ridiculing comments that add tension on google+; otherwise, people will use the Block and delete comment function a lot and make communication and learning less effective.

For those who want to help World Peace become real faster, see

World Peace Meditation/Visualization/Manifestation:

World Peace thru Conscious Breathing:

Self-control may be also about focusing on uplifting those who deserve it, instead of on bringing down those who are not "the best they could be". We can make positive comments/posts more often... that are a pleasure to read... and lift the google+ atmosphere... :)  Thank you. ♥  

World Peace♥ is perhaps much closer :)  when gentleness, humility,  grace, nurturing kindness, softness, sweetness, eternal friendliness, selflessness prevail. Immortal Aliens may communicate in ways of such "musical harmonic compassion", that the exchanges may seem sometimes like an endless stream of loving healing praise and positivism. :)

We can become a Type 1 Civilization, a unified planet of peace, as Michio Kaku explains in this 10 minute video about aliens of Type 1, 2, 3, etc and our future ► Michio Kaku - Alien Life.  Michio explains that the European Union is the beginning of a type 1 civilization. Type 0 are like us. Type 1 attained World Peace thru kindness, create perfect weather (no more climate change) & have no natural disasters.  Type 2 and above are Immortal.  Type 2 are those who engineer stars.  Type 3 engineer galaxies.  Type 4 engineer an entire universe.  Type 5 include Universe creators. Optimists don't attack others verbally/physically (fear=expecting/creating others' negative behavior), but with gentle forgiving compassion♥ they are kind to all, expecting/creating others' positive future behavior.  Saying/doing positive things creates a positive present/future, so kindness is optimism. If we're helping and praising others more, we'll attain ♥World Peace♥ faster.   In the bright future we can create, armies will be only for asteroid defense, terraforming.  We'll invest trillions (lost in wars) in healthcare, enabling us to live as long as we want. :)   

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Lol...  what is wrong with that cat...
Cat overreacts, like people sometimes do out of #fear .  Lesson of the gif could be to keep calm and not let fear influence our life too much.  :)  Fear is a factor in the birth of wars.  

Let's hope fewer people assume the worst, so that we can have World Peace... a little laughter can help. :)  People take their assumptions too seriously sometimes. :)  

World Peace Meditation/Astral Travel/Manifestation:

World Peace thru Conscious Breathing:
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Why Does Kindness Get You? This.

Kindness. It might be thankless and ridiculed by some, what are our real motivations for helping others? Our acts of kindness touches others, they might not show their appreciation, but they can definitely feel your kindness. So don't let people discourage us from showing this spiritual fruitage.

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Don't underestimate the commonwealth of the animal kingdom.

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New York City  - Above Chinatown

It happens like this:

You squint your eyes open

after walking on clouds in last night’s dreams

and the city comes into view:

a vast glistening kingdom built on the shoulders of despair and joy.

As the city comes into focus slowly,

you shut your eyes abruptly

sending up every wish that rests on the tip of your tongue

soaring on the barest whisper of a breeze

up towards the sky.

And then you blink your eyes open

hoping none of this

was in vain.

It wasn’t.


View this post along (with more text!) and all relevant links at my photography blog:


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This Man can hold entire #EiffelTower . . . .

Can you also? ?  ? ?
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