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name: Aura Valkyrie
Hair color: Red
Eye color: bright Red
Hair style: Covers Left eye and straight
Skin color: Brown
age: 15
weapons: shadow flame Swords
Species, Lucario/wolf dragon / human
likes: the colors red, black, purple, Dark types, Fire types, Ghost type
dislikes: bugs
bio: Aura has a older brother and twin sister but they were taken away from their parents and experimented on and was reborn as wolfdragon Lucario


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Name: flare
Species: flareon
Gender: male
Age: 13
Bio: nothing much, just likes to be around friends. But Does have a reputation of turning into a different pokemon. As nobody knows why or how.
Moves: flare blitz, fire fang, fire spin and shadow ball
Level: 55
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