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Just gonna leave this here to you all.
i really like this cause it is true

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Why Markiplier should avoid Psyguy (BitPolarGame)

I beg of you all to not skip past this text wall of a post. If you love Markiplier and his videos and you wish to help him continue to serve as a safe haven for so many of us through his fandom and community, PLEASE read this.

Most of us know Markiplier. He’s one of the most popular Let’s Players out there right now, with over 8 million subscribers. What’s more, Markiplier is genuinely one of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever seen. His videos bring so much joy and laughter to the lives of those who watch them, and I cannot express the sheer emotion that gets shown to us when he releases his reactions to us, his fans. He’s one of the best.

Mark is a wonderful human being and I know with 8 million subscribers it’s hard to get a chance to see everything that is produced for him, get to every message that’s left for him, respond to every email. But it’s come to light that Markiplier has recently followed two men. Bryon Beaubien (Psyguy/BitPolarGame) and Dave Smith (Crikey Dave) and Markiplier NEEDS to know that there are two men that Mark should have absolutely nothing to do with. And I’ll tell you why.

Bryon Beaubien has, for over the last fifteen years, been a constant abuser of women as well as a cheat and swindle when it came to his fanbase. He had a meager internet celebrity following thanks to shitty sprite comics, offensive shock humor, and leeching off of the popularity of more notable celebrities. He used this fame to entice women, normally underage girls, into forming online relationships with him where he would solicit sexual favors from them all the while emotionally manipulating them. He did this for years until 2014 when finally the victims of his abuse came together and issued a callout against him where they posted testimonies, along with recorded logs and emails which exposed Bryon’s long and interwoven history of abuse. This resulted in him fleeing with his tail between his legs only to reappear again months later as BitPolarGame, no longer making shitty comics but instead making shitty let’s play videos.

Dave Smith, while only having one victim compared to the possible 20+ that Bryon had, was able to escape under the radar for the most part while the Psyguy Callout was going on. He solicited sexual acts and favors from a minor as well, joining in with Bryon in emotionally abusing her the entire time.

Both men have never once acknowledged their victims of abuse. Both men have never once apologized for their actions. Both men have publicly denied their abusive actions while, behind the scenes, both harassed their victims and attempted to use the law against them (to no avail because that’s stupid). They’ve lied through their teeth each time they’ve dared to speak in reference to the proof against them. Neither have shown remorse for their actions and now they’re being followed by one of the most popular YouTuber Let’s Players. 

That’s not good. Let me tell you why.

Bryon is incapable of existing on the internet without some kind of fanbase, that much has been proven. He had fled the internet several times throughout his tenure online, and fled twice after the Callout gained traction. Bryon needs to acknowledge his victims, his heinous actions, and apologize, but he refuses to do so. The moral thing to do, if you can’t bring yourself to own up and apologize, would be to leave the net for good. Go off the grid and just maintain a ghost status with whatever friends you might have left. And while Bryon did abandon the name Psyguy and his empire on his old website disappeared, he went straight back into trying to become a let’s player for the sake of getting more followers.

He craves a following of people he can exploit. And what better way to gain a large following than to leech off of the popularity of someone like Markiplier. What I’m going to describe is graphic and disturbing, and I do apologize for that, but please take a moment to picture this.

Markiplier has many fans who suffer from depression. Who are going through rough patches in their lives and Mark’s videos are what keeps them going. They’re emotionally distraught, and they’re vulnerable. Many of them are in the 15-17 age range. Let’s say one of these girls, sad and lacking in self esteem, comes across one of Markiplier’s followers on Twitter. Another Let’s Player! Hey, his voice is pretty nice. He’s somewhat funny. Let’s contact him like we do with Markiplier! Let’s get him to notice me!

So this new Let’s Player takes notice of this girl. They talk through a few tweets, maybe an email or two. He tells her that he’d like to add her on Skype! Oh wow, a Let’s Player wants to talk to ME, she thinks. And so now she’s talking to this guy on Skype. It’s through text at first. He’s sweet, he’s funny. He seems genuinely interested in what I have to say! And he makes videos, just like Markiplier! What an awesome person. I can’t believe someone so cool is talking to me!

Then the Let’s Player asks to actually call you on Skype. You talk to him for the first time. He’s so charming. So silly and funny. He flirts with you in some odd ways here and there, but he passes it off as a joke, which you find strange. But it’s nice to be considered worthy of being flirted with, right? You keep talking to him for several days. He talks with you about your life. Asks you personal questions. He’s a nice guy, right? You don’t mind telling him. And he tells you HIS story back! Oh man, he’s had a rough life. His ‘dad hates him’ and every girl he’s ever been with has broken his heart and was a ‘crazy bitch’. But YOU’RE different, he tells you. YOU’RE someone who could make him feel complete. 

You’re a teenage girl who has terrible self doubt. You think you’re alone in this world. But oh my god this sweet and funny guy thinks you’re worth something! He thinks you’re pretty, and you’ve shown him pictures of you at this point. Sure, he’s well over a decade older than you, but there’s plenty of couples out there with an even larger age gap between them, he says! And he asks you to be his girlfriend. You say yes. How could you say no to someone so sweet and funny and sensitive?

Things get strange though. Suddenly he’s talking about you to his friends, and using many sexual terms. It’s like he’s bragging about how attractive you are. It makes you feel uneasy but hey, it’s praise, right? Right? But then he asks for sexual favors. He wants to see you on webcam. He wants to see you naked. He masturbates audibly to your voice in calls. It’s horrible but he cares about you, right? 

But by now, you’re uneasy and you’re unsure, and he seems to be distancing himself from you. What have you done wrong, you wonder? He only ever speaks about your negative traits now. There’s no more praise about your looks, only insults about your behavior and how hurt it makes him. You protest, but he shrugs you off. He calls you crazy. He makes you second guess yourself. He makes you think you TRULY ARE the root of the problem. And when you try to make it up to him with more sexual favors, he’s satisfied…for a moment. 

Soon he is telling you that the relationship is over. And within a week he’s parading around another girl. A girl he’s been talking to for weeks while dating you. You hate this girl, and she hates you. What you don’t know is that this nice guy had been with this girl the entire time he was with you, soliciting sexual favors and pictures the whole time from someone else while being force fed such things from you in order to make him happy. Now you feel awful, like you truly hurt him and that you’re a monster. And it’s exactly what he wants you to feel.

That is, to the letter, exactly what Bryon Beaubien has done to countless girls. Over and over and over. It’s the same song and dance every time. He preys on young girls who are emotionally vulnerable and he uses and abuses them. He is a pedophile. He is an abuser. And now his name, his channel, are within easy access of Markiplier’s channel. Mark’s fans are the perfect victims for Bryon.

‘Oh, but Bryon won’t do that anymore! He’s been called out by too many people! Maybe he’s changed!’ you might say. But Bryon has YET to even ACKNOWLEDGE the women who have come forward seeking closure against the terrible things he’s done to them. Many of them have suffered socially, emotionally, and mentally due to the scars he’s left them. Even though it’s been proven that he’ll admit to some things in private emails, he has completely hidden his guilt to the public and continuously denies any wrong doing, all the while allowing constant verbal harassment against his victims from third parties when they’ve spoken out.

Bryon doesn’t care that he’s hurt people, and because of that it’s very possible that he might continue to prey on underage girls and continue his cycle of abuse with new victims he finds within Markiplier’s community.

Dave Smith is just as much of an abusive, manipulative, and lecherous bully where his partners are concerned and should be avoided as well. Like Bryon’s Let’s Plays, Dave easily garners attention through his art skills and he has enjoyed ignoring his responsibilities to his victim and such a person has no place in a loving and supportive community like Mark’s. 

Guys, Markiplier needs to know. Markiplier needs to see this post, to see the other numerous posts that have come up asking him to unfollow BitPolarGame and Crikey Dave on twitter. These two men, especially Bryon, are a threat to the young women in Mark’s community. Mark means so much to so many people and Bryon is a person more than willing to take advantage of that popularity. He’s done it before and because he’s shown no indication that he’ll ever change…he’s more than capable of continuing what he’s done for almost two decades.

I do not make this post out of spite. I do not make this post because I hate Bryon. In truth, I used to be very good friends with Bryon once upon a time. But I was young, and I personally watched him tear down, prey upon, and ruin the lives of ten individual girls over the course of two years, and I was witness to several more girls who wound up in his abusive cycle. I do not want to see this happen to the precious and wonderful people that support Markiplier.

Please spread these posts like a wildfire. Please try and contact Markiplier and be civil. Do not harass Mark, but be informative. Show him that the number one priority is the safety of his fans. His integrity is at stake and Bryon and Dave will only drag him down. Please help Markiplier keep his loving fans safe.

This is for the fans and Markiplier's saftey. Okay? Don't put this as spam. SHARE THIS LIKE A WILDFIRE

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If anybody needs to talk about anything, anything! I will be on hangouts. You can look me up as Lexi Mills. No matter what you need to talk about. I will talk with you, you don't have to tell me your name. We can just talk.

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I just found out why this worked for me but most people said it didn't work. It's because I shared it to a community. So I was amazed, but then everyone was like "I don't get it", and I didn't understand why until I wanted to see it again, so I shared it again, this time to Public, and it didn't happen that time, so I shared it privately with a friend of mine and still nothing happened, then all it made sense. I read the comments on the original post, and most of the people were unimpressed but a few were all "Oh My God!!!" because most of them were sharing it publicly and privately, and it doesn't work if you do that. So you know that now.


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Heeelllooo beautiful people~
The tumblr population of Markiplites have organized oursevles according and established a plan to help Markiplier; We intend on giving back to Mark by giving back to charity!

(What are they?)

Currently, there are two Markiplier-fan created Charities underway! 

Marki-Artists for Charity is an online group of artist who will be taking fanart commissions. All proffits gained from the art will go directly to the charity they are raising for. There have been a plethora of charities suggested, but currently the most popular charities in the polls right now are Chilld's play and the Able Gamers! :D

Another Charity being launched is the "Young Heroes Project" Relay for Life of Baldwin Hills team. This team will represent Markiplier and his amazing philanthropic efforts in the campaign against cancer. The motto is "Cancer doesn't sleep", so this event will be 24 hours long. If a contributor is unable to physically attend, Their name and (Optional) message will be displayed on the banner! :)

  If you are super creative, inspired by Markiplier, or just super helpful Click below<3  Your participation would be greatly appreciated! <3

For more information about Marki-Artists for Charity, please contact the group mods:

whereisthecrazedbuttstabber (“V”)
Tumblr: whereisthecrazedbuttstabber
DeviantArt: PresentableLiberty

alexdarndoodles (“Alex”)
Tumblr: alexdarndoodles

flipsidemivy (“Kate”)
Tumblr: flipsidemivy
If you would like Information about the Cancer campaign, please contact me at, or my tumblr

Have a wonderful day! :)

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