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Bugs Bunny ( +Bubba Nettles​​​​​​​​​ )
Lola Bunny ( +Christian Tracey​​​​​​​​​ )
Daffy Duck ( +nation224​​​​​​)
Tina Russo ( +Christian Tracey​​​​​​​​​)
Taz ( +Bubba Nettles​​​​​​​)
Jor'El Bunny ( +Bubba Nettles​​​​​​​ )
Walter Bunny ( +Bubba Nettles​​​)
Patricia Bunny ( +Christian Tracey​)
Foghorn Leghorn ( +Bubba Nettles​​)
Barnyard Dawg ( +Bubba Nettles​​ )
Miss Prissy ( +Lexi joann​​)
Granny ( +Lexi joann​​)
Sylvester ( +Bubba Nettles​​)
Tweety ( +Bubba Nettles​​)
Porky Pig ( +Bubba Nettles​​)
Petunia Pig ( +Lexi joann​​)
Speedy Gonzales ( +Bubba Nettles​​)
Leafy The Leaf ( +nation224​​​​) 

Hey Guys

+Gl¡tch​ Is No Longer In This Community Because Me And Her Are No Longer Talking To Each Other

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Name: Manny "The Detective" Pardo

Age: 30 years old.

Gender: Male

Species: Human.

Crush: Evan "The Writer" Wright

Biography: Was born with thick skin.

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Name: Leafy The Leaf

Age: 420 years

Gender: Male

Species: Leaf

Crush: Daddy Pyro

Biography: none.

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Bugs Bunny : Hey Lola ( +Christian Tracey​ )

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I choose to be Lola Bunny

I Banned The Edge


Thx for the inv again.
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