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•[Delete] Delete the annoying update message
•[Base update] 2.17.264
• [Exclusive] Fingerprint lock (Per Chat and App Lock)
• [Exclusive] Locked chats: message content hidden in Home Screen
• [Exclusive] Option to enable/disable message counter on launcher icon (1.3.9)
• [Exclusive] Option to show/hide pattern drawing path (6.0.4)
• [Added] Allow sending any file type from file manager
• [Added] Pin up to 1000 chats
• [Added] Control Max Image Resolution (Option 5.0.1)
• [Added] Locked chats: message content hidden in notification
• [Added] FAB Icons color (Option 4.0.4)
• [Added] Info (Date/Missed call) bubbles Text and background colour (Options 3.1.25 - 3.1.26)
• [Added] New fonts (Mohanad font added)
• [Added] Album feature enabled
• [Added] Enabled New Call UI
• [Updated] Emojis One V3 (full set)
• [Fixed] Mention/reply white color issue
• [Fixed] Turkish and other languages translations
• [Fixed] Visual bug in PIN Lockscreen
• [Fixed] Media Caption and Date not taking colors
• [Fixed] FAB Transparent color
• [Fixed] Online toast not working on some devices
• [Fixed] FB Messenger round bubble
• [Fixed] Wamod Entry visual bug 
• [Optimised] Size and Emojis PNGs (thanks to Furkan Geldi)
• [Test] Reduced network usage
• [] Other Fixes and Improvement
•new folder named(MZWhatsApp)
• Speed Improvements


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By : Sh Maikel Zaiter

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Buenas gente, aquí os traigo el link de mi página donde publicare todos mis mods y otras cosas, espero que os guste y me apoyeis a seguir.


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مساء النور اخ مالك اشكرك اولا
في نسخة mzwhattsappكيف استطيع ارسال صور gif
هل يمكن المساعدة
شكرا لك

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