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Anyone want to do a twelling hangout? I need one! 

I sent an invite. Click on it. XO

1/2 hour until I open a hangout for a virtual book club meeting! Open to the public! If you come and there are too many people in the hangout, HANG on and i'll start another one... 

Okay, should be open and up. I'll be back in ONE little second. 

Darlings! Baby witch is sick. I mean, the throwing up kind. I'll be online, but a video hang out would kind of suck for YOU GUYS! :( rescheduling, but feel free to chat me. XO Friday it is. Changing the date on the invite.

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This is my blog column for tomorrow so I will not be posting a Wisdom and Life column here.  This is it:

Well, I finished, +Suzanne Palmieri's book The Witch of Little Italy last night and OMG!  What a book.  One of the BIGGEST reasons it resonated so deeply with me is all the connections I felt to it.
--The fact that the Protagonist's name Eleanor Amore (Wow!  Even seeing the name written is bringing goosebumps) is an amalgam of someone extremely important in helping me reach the spiritual level I'm at now.  See this column for more:

--So much of what Suzanne has written is SOOO much of what I believe.  If I wasn't steeped in the paradigm that I'm in, if I didn't understand that everyone is connected, it would be scary.  Another example is toward the end of the book (don't worry!  Not giving any spoilers away.) on page 285-286 Suzanne says:
"Mama always said babies chose where to go, that they lived together in the guff.  Again chills.  Why?  Well this is why:

In another line on page 285, she says:
Babies are wise souls in the guff, full of sight.  They can see the whole picture of the lives they touch.  More chills.  Here's why again:
I wrote in the 3rd paragraph of Deliberate Incarnation:
I always find it so fascinating that as souls we know EVERYTHING there is to know about the life we choose to inhabit before we incarnate.  Can you see it?  Soul upon soul looking down from above, picking the family they want, picking the life they know will give then the best opportunity to move forward.  The moment we understand humanity we lose our conscious thoughts as souls.  We forget what we knew when we chose to incarnate.

As I was reading The Witch of Little Italy, all of these thoughts flew around in my head, proving to me once again how connected we all are.  I know I said if I was in this paradigm it would be scary, because (now I hope Suzanne doesn't take exception and I COMPLETELY understand that there are people who say this all the time.  How many people can back up that up however? ) it is almost as if she was reading my soul when she wrote the book.

Anyway, anyone steeped in the same paradigm as I am, would thoroughly enjoy this book.  As I said in one of my first posts, RUN don't walk to your nearest bookstore and read this book.

First Virtual Book Club tomorrow! So excited. We will "hang out" here! This one is private... but remember all you lovely followers, I will do public ones if you want! Suzy (The Lost Witch)
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