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I posted this earlier here but forgot to share the sign up form:

My friend +Suzanne Palmieri-Hayes will be at the EC Scranton Library in Madison, Connecticut on August 27 at 7pm.  Limited seats available.  Sign up soon.

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Someone in the hangout tonight asked about my column I write at Wisdom and Life, my blog.  Thought I'd share it here for those interested in seeing all the connections I have to the book:

Me me me! Hang out with me! PICK ME! PICK ME!

waves hello :)

Anyone want to do a twelling hangout? I need one! 

1/2 hour until I open a hangout for a virtual book club meeting! Open to the public! If you come and there are too many people in the hangout, HANG on and i'll start another one... 

Okay, should be open and up. I'll be back in ONE little second. 

I sent an invite. Click on it. XO

Darlings! Baby witch is sick. I mean, the throwing up kind. I'll be online, but a video hang out would kind of suck for YOU GUYS! :( rescheduling, but feel free to chat me. XO Friday it is. Changing the date on the invite.
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