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The answer of how to become a disciple is very simple:
FIRST: you keep a relationship with God by being constant on prayer.
SECOND: you accept the fact that your life is the mirror where others get to see Jesus. Your life is like a keynote, a presentation of who is Jesus. Sin and evil are tricky, so beware.
THIRD: always keep in mind the transformation is not made by you, but by the Holy Spirit. That kind of power belongs to Him.
FOURTH: Don't forget this is not about you, how good you are nor how much good you do. It's all about Jesus. We are Jesus Disciples. Focus on Jesus. He is the way, the ONLY WAY.

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Do you feel spiritually weak? The following is the best technique for building your "faith muscles" and strengthening your
relationship with God:
1. Talk to Him.
2. Listen to Him.
3. Do as He says.
4. Wait for the blessing.
You need to repeat this process as often as you can in order to see the results.
Simple, right? Is proven. Give it a try.

Pray needed for one of our brothers:
(Use google translate if needed)
God bless!!

Estimados colegas

Tal vez algunos de ustedes no saben de la situación de nuestro hermano Deutly Leito, el hijo del pastor Leito que se ocupa de los asuntos de videoconferencia en la oficina de la División. El está hospitalizado en un estado crítico toda esta semana aquí en Miami. Entiendo que él está reaccionando un poco positivamente, pero el equipo médico no se está pronunciando todavía favorablemente. Es pues una preocupación legitima de toda la familia Leito, y reconocemos que es el momento muy oportuno para tener sesiones de oraciones.

Esta noche habrá un servicio de unción en el hospital para Deutly. Que tal si nos unimos al grupo y si dedicamos un momento para orar también donde estamos, para la intervención divina de Jesús, la asistencia de nuestro Dios todopoderoso en la vida de su hijo Deutly y de toda la familia Leito.

Favor compartir la invitación con los otros colegas.

Paz y gracia de Dios

Dr Elie Henry

Secretario Ejecutivo

División Interamericana

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How can you scream "Jesus Christ is my savior" so everyone around  can hear you? 
If you feel embarrassed saying it, there is ONE way to really scream it out loud without opening your mouth: give such a good testimony of what Jesus has done with you, so when  they look at you, they really see Jesus. 
There is no louder way. And it works 100% of the time.

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You want proof?
I have 66 books, 1189 chapters, 31173 verses to prove that God existence is real, that He loves and cares for us.
Need more? Because I got a few million witnesses also.

God knows you. Actually he knows you better than anyone else. He even knows you better than yourself. He knows your NEEDS and your likes ;)...
He spends time thinking of you, about how much He loves you and how He wants your happiness.  
The question is, do you know Him and think about Him as much as He does about you?
Do you LOVE God?

God is our shelter. Jesus is the door. The Holy Spirit is the door lock. The KEY to pray.

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