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Version 2.3 was released couple of days ago. Couple of new features were released and here is the summary what's been changed.
  * Public setup finder (
  * Make quick change to setup in run input
  * Session analyse page reworked
  * Track page improvements like best public setup and most popular tires
  * Map for track locators
  * List duplicate setups in setup list
  * Messages reworked
  * Statistics improved
  * Feedback form adapts based on request type
  * Last used setup in car list
  * Possibility to archive all active tire sets in tire set listing

Full release notes available in here Enjoy!

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Year ago I gave some statistics and future plans. Why not make it as tradition and make a yearly check where TestLogger is and where it’s going. I was supposed write this on the birthday of TestLogger but I have rather spent my time surfing at Bali and watching F1 in Malaysia ;)

Last year there was around 80 users, around 4000 runs and 55000 laptimes entered in to the system. The numbers are a little different this year smile emoticon Over 300 users registered, over 6000 runs entered and almost 90000 laptimes entered to the system. Additionally there are over 150 tracks and over 130 car models available (Just think about the work creating the setup sheets). So pretty nice increase in one year.

How about the future plans? Last year I mentioned the backlog of ideas and improvements is huge but the biggest problem is time or lack of it. And the situation hasn't changed... Also the system get's bigger all the time so it will slow down the development. Last year the major focus was to rebuild the user interface with Bootstrap framework and get the setups reworked. Both items were done in the 2.0, and more usability improvements are on their way. This biggest hurdle is still there, which is the data input. How to make it easier to record e.g. laptimes to TestLogger. It's super easy if you have Mylaps Practice in use, but the problem is that most of the tracks don't use Mylaps Practice. To make it a little bit easier there is MyRCM and Sanwa M12 logfile imports available. Also there is an integrated stopwatch in TestLogger, so you can ask your friend to manually take laptimes for you. Still trying to find the ultimate solution and hopefully some new import methods can be introduced later this year.
So what's coming next? That's a tricky question and a lot ideas are already existing. Improving the analyzing work is definitely on the list. In practice it means a structured way to give input about car handling, new indicators to point out possible problems and possibly give some basic suggestions when trying to fix certain issues with handling of the car. Another thing is expanding to other sports like karts. Solution is not yet available, but there has been some interest in other sports too and that part will also get some focus. Maybe some team functionality to make it easier to analyze the team performance in one event. Also the native moble apps have been on the list for ages. As you can see the list is long and this is just top of the iceberg. Some of the things you are going to see later but unfortunately not all of them. If you want to influence the development, just send your comments.

2.1 is up and running!!! The focus was on improving the usability, but there is still a lot work ahead on that area. Here is a summary what has changed.

* Import from MyRCM
* Likes
* Car listing improved. View is splitted into two sections.
* Track listing improved
* Track creation/editing improved
* Notifications improved
* Setup sheet improvements
* Weather information in Session analyze view improvements.
* Improved logic for creating tires by splitting the process to steps.
* Improved logic for creating cars by splitting the process to steps.
* Bug fixing

I hope you enjoy the new release :) Check out the details from

300 registered users! I have to say it's very cool and a big milestone for TestLogger! Things are going forward all the time and hopefully the next three hundred users will find the tool in the future.

This Friday you will get the version 2.1 including plenty of improvements. Now I'm having a debate with myself if I should continue with 2.2 or start looking into native mobile apps. So many ideas already on the paper but just don't have enough time for everything.

Version 2.1 is ready and I got it done during January! New version is available at It will use the same database as production so all data you enter will be visible in production. 2.1 will kept under testing for a week before moving to production. Please report all bugs if you find any.

Good news! Version 2.1 is under work and great improvements are included! The development has slowed down a little as I've been working with all the requests. Now there are lot of new cars, tires and setup templates available. Still a lot setup sheets to be done. Anyway the plan for 2.1 is as follows.

- MyRCM import!! I've been in contact with Felix from MyRCM and now it's possible to make a stable import from MyRCM.
- Likes. Like functionality included for status updates. Not requested but I wanted to do it.
- New logic for creating tire sets. No longer a huge list of tire models when creating a tire set.
- New attributes for tracks (e.g. state for USA, track owner, opening hours, address...).
- New logic for representing tracks. Grouped by track owner and then revisions/track description are listed under that one. Goal is to make it easier to find tracks.
- List of available car models with setup sheet status. Also possible to create a car for yourself from the list.
- Bug fixing and other smaller improvements.

Ambiguous goal is to get 2.1 ready in January, but it might be a little too optimistic goal. I will keep you updated when it's available for testing.

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Big thanks for Red RC for the news article about TestLogger! The amount users has been doubled during the day and huge amount of new car and tire requests! I hope you all have the patience to wait for the setup sheets. It takes some to create those and I'm moving to Indonesia on Tuesday so things will slow down for couple of days. I'm very sorry for the delays but all requests will be completed.

I'm very happy to announce version 2.0 is complete. I hope this new release will help you improve your performance on the track! BTW check out the new statistics...

The first beta was introduced in September and many of you have already used it during the autumn. I would like to thank everyone who participated testing the tool and reporting all the bugs. It has been a huge help for me!

The development won't end here and in January the work continues with new features. Currently I have over 30 items in the backlog so lot of improvements is expected during next year. Biggest areas to improve are the usability, analytics, importing lap times and social functionality to get help with setups.

With best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Jussi Luopajärvi

Let's active this community by publishing the 2.0 beta 3 release note!

Beta 3 is now released! It was a productive week and quite much happened during the week. Here are the highlights.
- Include several persons in one discussion thread
- Paging to search
- Setups improved
* !! Generate a public URL which you can share with your friends !!
* Link run to shared setup (Run data will be shown if setup is public)
* Setup view has copy, edit, revise and print buttons
- Email template optimized
- Tooltips for buttons
- Improve form validation, commas are converted to dot for numerical fields
- Bug fixing...

Here is an example how the public setup with linked run information looks like
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