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Are those who are confident enough to wear a purse.

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This guy gave me a lvl 3 clan. I kind of want to keep it. I don't want it to goto waste. Any ideas?

I need someone to lower the trophies to 1600 so i can come back in. Please. 🎱™

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Should do good in our next war.

Alright Round 1 of our Grouping experiment has gone full circle.... Any suggestions for improvements?

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Updated: 4.6.2015       If you are interested........ roster verification of this weeks CW

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Elders and Leaders

Proposal for a new Clan War Strategy 

please feel free to make comments or suggestions

Proposal as follows:

3 wars a week
3 different groups participating in war
Group 1= High level players lvl 90 +
Group 2 = Lower Level Players
Group 3= Mixed Level Players

War team can consist to 10-20 people max
Leaders can choose which players will be eligible to participate. . 
   - Allows us to pick the most reliable players based on war participation and quality of attacks.
- Incentive and motivation for other players to step up their game if they want to participate
- weeds out potential crappy players and not loyal members.
- Allows for divided leadership so we can take turns leading that particular group.  
- Allows for more chances at participating in war
- Allows for more chances for racking up ex points and perks even if we do loose. 
- Those who opt out are not penalized as long as they keep active and donate unless there are other issues that may prevent them from participating. 

- Cons: Not everyone will be able to participate in every war. 

Any other suggestions on potential grouping ideas?
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