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With G+ shutting down by August 2019, don't forget the other Gloranthan social resources out there. The plan would be to shift all that are willing over to the MeWe group and slowly downgrade this one.





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For conventions in 2019 and beyond we are looking for engaging and dramatic RuneQuest convention scenarios dreamt up by the minds of the Cult of Chaos. This is your opportunity to share your experience and writing skills, and get your scenario played around the world as official Chaosium convention games.

More details about this exciting creative opportunity at the link:

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"The RuneQuest flavour that made every version of the game from its inception so refreshingly different is fully on view. The Introduction warns: "every creature is an individual. Even a trollkin or a rubble runner might get a lucky critical hit against a far more skilled and better equipped foe." No mookish cannon fodder for murder hobos here, but that's always been the RuneQuest way, and more power to it. Your inner 12-year-old is not going to get an outing at Chaosium's expense." —from the glowing review of the RQG Bestiary on RPG.Net

STYLE: 5. The revitalized Chaosium has been putting out some dazzling books, and this one is no exception - especially with the vivid and loving renditions of the various beasties and beings.

SUBSTANCE: 5. Not just a compendium of creatures, but an indispensable companion, steeped in Gloranthan lore and thoroughly inspirational.

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Runquest G Game offering PBP


I am thinking of starting a Runequest in Glorantha game. It will have pregenerated characters to speed the process. Some minor changes can be requested. I have seen too many games that take a month to start. So pregenerated will speed the entire process.

This is going to be a Sand Box Campaign. Mostly using the Runequest G rules and with some additional gods to use. I would like people who post at least 3 time a week.

Set in the city of Pavis after Dragon Rise, Pavis the city of plunder is in flux. The lunar rules of the last 10 years are gone. The Sun Domers and the Pavis Temple are attempting to keep things safe. Setting up new guards for the entrances to the Ruble. The city no longer has the Lunar trade to count on so will be taxing what is taken from the Ruble.

Come all and help settle Pavis into the trading empire it needs to be.

If you want to submit characters you can if they are near completion. From time the game starts to when the players are ready to adventure should be less than 2 weeks.

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Now available at free PDF downloads for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha
—Character Sheet
—Family Background Worksheet
—Holdings/Family/Allies sheet.

These may be printed and freely used by you and your players!
nb these are not auto-calc sheets. #RuneQuest #RQG #Glorantha #rpg #ttrpg

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UK memorial gathering for Greg Stafford
Join members of the Chaosium team for a post-Dragonmeet informal gathering to celebrate and commemorate the life of Chaosium founder and Grand Shaman of Games, Greg Stafford. Latymers Pub is 5 mins walk away from the Novotel Hammersmith, venue for Dragonmeet.

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 7 PM – 11 PM UTC
Location: Latymers Pub - 157 Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith

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RuneQuest VII—A review of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, the new edition of the classic roleplaying game of gods, myths, and heroes published by Chaosium, Inc.
RuneQuest VII
RuneQuest VII

With the rereleased PDF’s is there any chance we could see a rereleased poster hex map like that provided in the original Griffin Mountain Box?

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I'm sad to be unable to visit with everyone at Greg's memorial in Berkeley, but my game group got together this afternoon for more of our monthly adventures in Kralorela.

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