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For the sheer hell of it, I used Anydice to throw together a probability calculator for Heroquest contests. There's some documentation up top, but the short of it is that you put in the opposing target numbers/masteries and get out some fun graphs and tables. I've found that the "At Most" table is the most useful, since the -1 value tells you your chance of failure.

Have fun poking around with it and let me know if anything breaks.

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Is there a prophecy in Mondoro about the blue volcano?

I am thinking about running Apple Lane for a group of four players new to RuneQuest. This would be for RuneQuest: Classic Edition. How should I go about setting it up?

My thoughts were to have the characters from the same tribe so that they can go through ‘The Tribal Initiation’ and get some experience before being sent out into the world to get some training from the various guilds, before coming back to Apple Lane and play through ‘Gringle’s Pawnshop’.

Will four player characters be able to cope? Any other advice?

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A Hero of Polestar invokes their Unique Power "Star-Spear" against an enemy.
One down, 3 to go … We're launching sounding rockets from Alaska to an altitude of 225 miles to examine the structure of auroras. Learn more:

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A new interview, now with Jeff Richard

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Promoting Glorantha from my own job :P

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Well, there's the next period of free time sorted!
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For Khan of Khans we're just waiting on the last 50 or so backers to send in their questionnaires, and then we'll go live with Backerkit early next week.

We added ten new Dragon Pass location cards when we hit our $20K stretch goal - here's a first look at some of Ian O'Toole's gloriously goofy art:

—'Sun Spear!' from the Sun Dome
—'Cows in Cans!' from Dwarf Run

More at the link: 
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