Apart from the one in Apple Lane (which is probably not doing well after Gringle's departure), are there any (canonical) temples of Uleria in Sartar? 

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Eleven Lights DPF now available


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The gripping saga of the Red Cow's dire straits in 'The Coming Storm' has a brand new sequel. In 'The Eleven Lights', War has come to Dragon Pass in this complete Gloranthan campaign setting, taking the Red Cow PCs from brutal occupation to their liberation from the Lunar Empire. Whatever history holds for the Red Cow clan, players are about to find out.

And don't forget—when the print version is available, you get the full price of the PDF off when you buy from Chaosium.com.

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Argrath thinks he fighting the unravelling of the world? Oh, the irony...


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There was a RQCon in Japan this weekend! Seven tables of players came to give the new Quickstart Rules a try-out. Call of Cthulhu is huge in Japan (it sells more copies there than any other language). Maybe RuneQuest will be too some day...
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Sartar-Tarsh Armistice?
[I posted this question on the Chaosium Glorantha forum. If anyone here didn't see it and has opinions, I'd like to hear them]
I have a vague adventure idea for a Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (RQG). I'd like opinions on whether the premise is viable.
Premise: A priestess of the Clearwine Earth Temple sets out for Heruvernalda, the Earth Temple in Tarsh. She hopes to enlist the Tarsh temple to negotiate an armistice between Tarsh and Sartar. She performs the mission as an extended peacemaking ritual, and the adventurers participate as guards in ritual roles.
Some questions about this premise:
1. Would an armistice even occur to the Clearwine Earth Temple as a possibility? It seems like the period where RQG is set is vaguely like that toward the end of the Korean War, where both sides are roughly back to the pre-war lines after having both suffered terrible losses. But maybe even a cold-hearted, clear-headed Ernaldan would not see it that way.
2. Would approaching Heruvernalda be considered? It seems like the Tarsh Earth Temple is infected by the Red Goddess. But if the Roman Catholic Pope can visit the Greek Orthodox Patriarch ...
3. Would it even be possible to travel from Sartar to Tarsh on a peaceful mission, by any route, even with the magical backing of the biggest Earth Temple in Sartar?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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Somewhere on the Hero Plane, I think.

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HeroQuest in Glorantha—A review of HeroQuest Glorantha, the narrativist roleplaying game designed by +Robin Laws and +Jeff Richard and published by Chaosium, Inc.

My adult players won't stop giggling whenever someone "offers you the Meat Gift".

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This week we've looked at Mostali, Uz and Merfolk - come and join us over at BRPCentral for week 5 of the Guide to Glorantha Group Read.
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