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Happy Friday 53 submissive have a great day

i am a 33 white male 6ft 2in 180lbs slim in search of a goddess to worship. i want one to serve in person and eventually fully surender t beome her property no limits no safe words no rights.

Hi I'm Jamie and I'm looking for a black mistress. I live in the Seattle area and can provide you with a home. Am looking for a 24/7 complete control of my life. Humiliation and degradation are a must

I search a very strict and dominant Black Lady for ever.

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I'm a sub and I desperately need a mistress to take control of my life.

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Please comment :)

I am searching a Black Mistress who wants to own me and who wants to Control my life Complete. A Mistress from Ghana or Nigeria prefered.

Hi mistress how are you

Purpose:to be useful
I bow to mistresx

Looking to be trained and feminized
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