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Titles/Nicknames/Aliases- The Telepath, The Psychologist, The Test Subject, The Scientist

Real Name- Edward Elric

Age-Two thousand

Regenerations: Has regenerated once, what he used to look like is unknown.

Race- Ancient Gallifreyan


Appearance-((Picture below))

Weaponry- Quantum knife(:Able to amputate the arm of a weeping angel and dissect a Silent, sharp enough to cut anything, with a blade of sub-molecular width.), Telepathy/Telekinesis

Skills- Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychology, Surgeon, Piloting a TARDIS, knife fighting(:If he swings with enough strength he can literally cut through air and cut something without touching.)

Disadvantages- Is out of touch with the modern world.

Companions- None

Parents- Dead

Tardis Type- Type 74

Hobbies- Reading

Current Regeneration- He's regenerated once

Current Incarnation- Second

Number Of Your Regenerations So Far-  He's regenerated only once.

Favorite Food- Ramen(He doesn't know though.)

Favorite Drink- DrPepper

Favorite Color- Black

Reason as to why you left Gallifrey- His TARDIS flew itself here...


Personality-He doesn't even know...

Likes: The colors black and gold.

Dislikes: Daleks(From what's remember/knows about them.)

Bio-Edward was the very first test driver for the very first decently stable Tardis, simply because he was the head scientist/engineer/researcher/developer that had to do with it's creation and he volunteered. What happened was, he tried piloting it to a time in the near future that he agreed on with his associates, but instead he "accidentally"(Because one it was very hard for him to control and it was rather unstable, thus causing a massive overshot.) piloted it to a time on Gallifrey when the Time Lock around Gallifrey was being applied, but he had flown far away from Gallifrey and crashed through the Time Lock. When the Tardis prototype was trying to pass through the Time Lock, Edward's regeneration occurred, which played a large part in him getting through the Time Lock, but due to still trying to pass through the Time Lock, three permanent wounds were inflicted and two symptoms were induced, one wound he could he only survive from for so long, these three wounds are as follows: His right and dominant arm was obliterated and scattered atom by atom through out all of time and space, each and every single atom going to a completely different time and location, his left leg from the knee and down suffered the same excruciatingly painful fate, and his second heart, which he was born with, suffered the exact same fate. The two symptoms are as follows: 1)His brain was scrambled making him forget/confuse him about what he originally looked liked and acted. 2)Second symptom his height and height growth were shrank/shrunk(Whatever)/slowed, but everything else grew normally.  ((If you want too know exact details, I could type up a flashback I suppose.))

Extra info- Edward has the arm and leg of a Weeping Angel. His second heart is the heart of a Silent. He can very easily learn and apply new information on the spot, such as how to fix something, if someone told or displayed something, he'd also be able to do that. Edward has a Sonic Screwdriver metal the color black, the light the color gold and is Isomorphic, but he can turn that on and off. Edward also has a physic paper. He's a master of telepathy and he can use telekinesis but he has yet to fully master it. Due to many experiments, and the high level physic field he has around himself which he can use as a perception filter, Edward can, if he remains perfectly still and focuses, temporally turn himself into stone/quantum lock himself, which he can turn on and off at will, but it takes a lot of concentration and focus.
((There is much more information that Edward considers somewhat secret, so it shall be revealed in RP.))

How do I keep finding the same people in communities, I wasn't invited to this and nobody shared it with me... What the heck?!

The Detective: How did I end up here? (Open to anyone, join as you will:)

(Open Roleplay)

Activates, moves closer to the door of the drawing room and sticks out laser blaster. "Identify yourself."

name: Gallifrey Song (Alli for short)
age: 498 (Physically 18)
gender: Female
sexuality: Males
species: Half Time Lord, Half Dalek
personality: Child-like, Active, Artistic, Bubbly, Quirky, Jokey, Impatient 
home planet: Skaro
current home: Earth
mode of transportation: Vortex Manipulator
bio: The Daleks created me in hopes of having the perfect warrior but my Time Lord side rebeled against them and I ran away from Skaro eventaully finding and staying on the Earth. I've been trained in battle. I've regenerated three times before three times before) but takes longer to begin (three hours) and my body is mortally vulnerable until three days after regeneration. During my stay on Earth (when I'm not adventuring or travelling the universe) I have worked at UNIT and Torchwood in my previous incarnations. Only the 12th Doctor, River and Harry knows who I really am. Harold 'Harry' Saxon is my boyfriend and recently I've met a young boy called Gabriel who is like a little brother to me.

(I have no photo for my appearance but I have medium dark brown hair, bright Inhumanly-blue eyes with yellow tint in centre of irises, strong jaw, button nose and tomboy dress wear.)

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name: Harold 'Harry' Saxon
age: 501 but looks 21
gender: Male
sexuality: Both (Time Lords are bi, I believe)
species: Half Time Lord, Half Human
personality: Evil, Slightly Insane, Similar to father, Kind-ish around Alli
home planet: Earth
current home: Has no home as travels the universe
mode of transportation: Vortex Manipulator
bio: Just before 'the year that never was' I was born and was kept in hiding. From a young age I trained in all forms of defence and grew up on the streets. At a later age I managed to leave the Earth and discovered that I am really the child of the Master and Lucy Saxon. Since then I've focused on travelling the universe and I'm unsure whether to save the universe or to destroy it, but I'm usually neutral. Whenever I meet up with my father, I usually follow in his footsteps and become more like him. If I am around my girlfriend, Gallifrey 'Alli' Song, I try to avoid being evil and try not to kill to please her.

(I look like the picture below just age it to 21 with medium brown hair with natural blonde highlights-similar to my father's Harold Saxon incarnation)

Name: Tyler Parks
Age: 1250 Years young
Species: Time Lord
Form: Third time regenerated

this blue box slowly materializes in the middle of the park, this strang looking man come running out with smoke billowing out from the doors of the box, the man is covered in soot, he waved his hands in front of his face, trying to clear up the smoke while coughing What did I do wrong this time?

Name: The Doctor (11th)
Age: N/A
Gender: Male, but I may not always be
Sexuality: I consider my self asexual.
Species: Time Lord
Personality: Clever, shild, can be a bit cold hearted at times
Home planet: It's suppose to be Gallifrey...
Current home: So far, it's London, England. Smack middle of the UK- on Earth
Mode of transportation: The TARDIS
Bio: Come on. You already know who I am!!

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Name: Hadowsae, or as lower lifeforms call him The Shadow.
Gender: male
Form: A black, wispy dragon like form. He can also disguise himself as a humanoid with albino eyes (red eyes) and black hair or something's shadow.
Species: Obscure
Mode of Transportation: His wings.
Planet of Origin: Attlebay, a planet that has one side that is always in the dark. Also runs one second faster than the universe.
Current Home: The TARDIS, the Doctor's shadow.
Bio: Evil by nature thriving on lack of knowledge of him by other species or death and destruction. The Clarities (The other faction in the War for Attlebay) noticed his absence when he escaped the war and sent Eavenhae after him. When he escaped the war, he hitched a ride on the Doctor's shadow at the Medusa Cascade and has tailed him ever since. Soon, he is going to make an appearance .

Pictures coming soon.
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