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It's in the process of being edited, so excuse any lack of information.
Anyways, other mods and owner, I'll get the basic stuff down and then you can tell me what to add via comments and me editing,

Welcome to Lerohna, a magical world of kingdoms and monsters (especially monsters). Four kingdoms unite in this RP of magic and monsters, so choose your place of residence AND MURDER STUFF! Ignore that last part, it's optional.

The four kingdoms are as follows:



Demon Foraoise:

Character Template:

We're still establishing our over-arching lore, so we'll get back to you on that.

A few basic rules to follow to insure people don't get pissed at you:
1. No godmodding, bunnying, etc.. The most basic rule on any community. Don't auto-hit everything, don't be completely overpowered outside your perimeters, don't avoid every hit, and don't control the other person's character. Simple as that.
1A. If you're going to kill a character that's not your own, make sure you've established with the other person that that's going to happen. If you're in the middle of an RP, you can do little parenthesis at the top and have a friendly conversation.

2. Use basic RP format. Put * around words for bold text that represents action, put normal text for speech, put - around words for strikethrough which is used to say stuff outside of the RP (or you can use parenthesis of you find it easier to see), and use _ for italics and emphasis on words or phrases.

3. Swearing is allowed, but at the very least don't overdo it.

4. No posting porn or anything like it. If you have a romantic RP and it escalates to a mature point, add it to the top of the post and add a warning for anyone who may stumble across it.

5. Be respectful. If it's part of a character dynamic in a roleplay to be rude or a bully, it's fine. But if you're bullying or otherwise being rude for an irrational reason outside of the roleplay, you'll be in trouble.

6. Take consideration of any of the species we have listed thus far. The species posts are to add more depth or explanation to a species. Your character can be an individual, of course, if they're part of any of the species we have pre-explained, but remember to take consideration of those posts if you make a character from an explained species. (That doesn't mean you have to use a listed species, you can choose one for a character if it's not listed)

7. You must have your profile approved by a moderator or owner before using them. This is to make sure no one has an overpowered character and such.


Important Updates: Exactly as the name says.
Character Profiles: Post your profiles here
Kingdoms and Lore: This is where'll we'll do world building and lore
Species: This is where the more detailed descriptions of species are located
Nightingale: Post RPs taking place in Nightingale here
Acadia: Post RPs taking place in Acadia here
Egret: Post RPs taking place in Egret here
Demon Foraoise: Post RPs taking place in Demon Foraoise here
Mods Only: A place for the mods to discuss stuff. Don't post here.
Discussion/Suggestions: Ask questions, spark up discussions, or suggest stuff here.

In his journeys, the bard Vicean finds himself in Egret, and follows the road into a town in his travelling attire. He spends a while wandering around the area, looking very lost.

Hey... can we please revive this community? I would love that because well this was a great community and I would like to see it back up and alive, and to kick this back into gear can someone please roleplay with me? I will be Myuri.

Oi, don’t forget we’re reviving this.

Does anybody remember the current over-arching plot or if there is one?

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/Mini ark\
Help needed


Word from a small mountain village has created nostalgia among the people. People have started going missing from the villages surrounding the mountain. The latest victim was seen going into a cave going into the mountain a dark aura could be felt as she entered and she never returned

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Quote: "Get yersel a drink, pal. Look like ye need it.

Name: Vìgot Njallsson

Age: 48

Species: Human

Kingdom: Nightingale

Appearance: Vìgot is a tall, muscular warrior, no stranger to battle judging by his scarred face. He has short, black hair and a well-kept beard.

Height: 6" 2'

Personality: He is quick to anger, but generally just a jolly, friendly big guy with an axe. Definitely far too easy for him to become a very angry big guy with an axe.

Clothing: He wears a simple tunic and breeches most of the time, occasionally a gambeson in Winter.

Equipment: For weaponry, a two-handed Dane Axe forged of crucible steel. For armour, he wears steel shoulder guards, alongside a thick gambeson and a pair of simple breeches, both of which are protected by chainmail

Skills/talents: Well-versed in warfare, and not half bad with an axe either.

Abilities: Nothing unique or magical.

Magic: None
Magic Type: N/A
Main Attacks: N/A
Main Defences: N/A
Magic Strength: N/A
Magic Weakness: N/A

Relationships: Nobody too noteworthy

Biography: Vìgot grew up in Nightingale with an absolutely awful education, and at the age of seventeen joined a group of savage bandits. After decades, he grew out of the senseless raiding and pillaging, seeing it for what it was, and one night, struck down several of his fellows before leaving to lead as normal a life he could in the kingdom. He runs his own tavern currently, but he is always eager for a good cause to raise his axe once again for.

Other facts: Think I got everything here

Volunteer needed honestly I could make it into a small ark

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"I am the darkness formed from the light. From Chaos comes peace, from peace comes chaos"

Name: Fafnir
Age: 18 very young
Species: chaos dragon
Kingdom: none
Appearance: human and true form shown
Height: human form 5'8
True form 30 feet
•Always thinking
A large sword meant to kill dragons
Magic: chaos/light

Being born among the white dragons he was criticised for being "different" his magic was different as well only being able to destroy and cause pain to others. Once he grew old enough to understand the faults of man he used his power in an attempt to eradicate them completely. The power of the other dragons and the royal family's Fafnir was bound under a mountain where he would stay until someone released him from his bonds

Other facts:
•needs a volunteer to release him
· mastered light magic trying to appease his masters
·will often stay in human form
·being young he doesn't know how to control natural ablities
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Im making a magic based dragon antagonist

This place keeps dying then kinda coming back then dying again.

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