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New insights into how sleep helps the brain to reorganize itself

A study has given new insights into how sleep contributes to brain plasticity – the ability for our brain to change and reorganise itself – and could pave the way for new ways to help people with learning and memory disorders. The study, published in Nature Communications, found that activity in dendrites increases when we sleep, and that this increase is linked to specific brain waves that are seen to be key to how we form memories. Dr Julie Seibt, lecturer in Sleep and Plasticity at the University of Surrey and lead author of the study, said: "Our brains are amazing and fascinating organs – they have the ability to change and adapt based on our experiences. It is becoming increasingly clear that sleep plays an important role in these adaptive changes. Our study tells us that a large proportion of these changes may occur during very short and repetitive brain waves called spindles.

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Good Morning coffee lovers!!!

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(This is where the magic began, the fifth piece I wrote. This was the beginning of what was to become, The Knight Owl)

"To Give What's Been Given"

Deliver me from evil Lord,
and help me recognize!
Arm me with Your piercing Word,
and open up my eyes!
Guard me with a shield of Faith,
that evil can not break!
Fuel me with a loving heart,
that nothing else can take!
Dub me as Your soldier Lord,
to fight against this hell!
Forge me as a loyal Knight,
that's made to serve You well!
Take my life for Jesus Christ,
and all for whom He gave!
Take me as Your own dear Lord,
to be Your Royal Slave!
Protect my family and the good,
within Your loving heart!
Place me next to Jesus Lord,
to tear evil apart!
I'll give all of my being to
erase the world's pain!
So we may join Your Heaven
and Eternally remain!

Midnight. Friday, February 24th 2012
Final moment of my 33rd birthday!

(I dedicate this piece to Thersia Ottmers.)
(The loving step-mother who took the time to explain the Bible to me. Thank you. God bless.)

Written by: Richard A. Ottmers

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Good morning everyone!
How many coffee lovers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Someone else always gets to it before we worry about it cuz we're already lit up on the inside!

Well, I thought it was funny anyway!

Riiinnng, riiinnng, riiinnng,
Hello, the mobile customer you are trying to reach has a coffee mug that still has a couple sips in it! Please try again later!
Created by: The Knight Owl a.k.a. Casper
(Coffee lovers humor)

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