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this is the adoption form for those who want to know which have been adopted and when.Ā 

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Your name:sparke
Chibi your Adopting's name:maid alice

Any made a cat chibi? šŸ±ā“ā”

Is anyone taking chibi costums? If yes can I get a digital chibi version of me (my profile picture) please

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Your name Name:Emi

Chibis name:Russia


date adopted:10/26/15

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Kat walks around the Chibi park, Sebastian walking close by her side. He was in his Full sized anime form next to Kat.. in the park they came across +don s.Ā  and his shiny vaporeon chibi.
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Your name: dan
Chibi you are adopting's name: Um... It's a vaporeon
Made up or from an anime(name the anime or n/a): pokemon
Date adopted: 9/15/2015ļ»æ

i can't think of a chibi!

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Because I'm weird :P

Your Name: Matthew

Chibi's Name: Wendy Marvel (If you have it)

Anime: Fairy Tail

Date Adopted: 8/13/2015

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Name: Marianna
Chibi you're adopting's name: Denmark
Anime: Hetalia
Date adopted: 8/3/2015
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