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Anyone wanna do a ship rp with Adam?

Anyone want to roleplay with me?
I'm a weapon

"I summon the darkness onto me from deepest depths of Earth and Sea..... From Ancient Evil's unawoken, break the one who can't be broken..... To Blackest night I pledge my soul, and crush my heart to burning coal.... I summon forth a deathly power, to see my hated foe devoured!!!!" I sat in the woods reading aloud from a spell book I found in Rose's classroom. The candles all went out and the veins on my arms went black for a minute "ooooh!!!! I am SO using this for my next mission!!!"

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"Quote." Why are you bothering mistr... Michiko?
Name: Miho Mizushima
Age: 16yo
Gender: Female
Forms: syth
Partner: Michiko Takenaka
Class: E.A.T.
Personality: she is very shy and with drawn but she is very cuddly with Michiko
height 3'9"
weight 60pd
build light
Bio: she was in slaved by Michiko and ripped away from an abusive home what more do you need to know?
Status: Student



》"if I can't feel... who can hurt me?"《

༺ Basics ༻


First name|| Heart

》Pronunciation|| Hart
》Definition|| a symbol of love/ the organ that runs your body
》Why|| she cares deeply for the few she trusts.

Middle name|| Valerie

》Pronunciation|| val-er-ee
》Definition|| strong/ brave
》Why|| she isn't afraid to stand up for herself or her friends no matter what.

Last name|| locke

》Pronunciation|| Loc
》Definition|| a mechanism for keeping a door, lid, etc., fastened, typically operated only by a key of a particular form.
》Why|| she's very secretive and refuses to fall in love


||Alias & Epithet||

||Date of birth||
》august 4th, 2002

||Zodiac sign||

||Associated Smell ||

|| Animal Motif ||

|| Flower Motif ||

|| Image Colour ||
》mint green

|| Image Number ||


》"If I don't love, my heart can't break."《




||Dominant hand||

||Actual age||

||Mental age||

||Physical age||


》binginton, NY

||Current location||
》death city

||Dream place||

||Sexual orinantaion||

||Relationship stays||


》middle class

》science lab

༺ Health ༻

||Mental illness||

||Physical illness||





》"I may seem young, but that doesnt mean i havent seen some crap."《


༺ Appearance ༻



》110 lbs

||Body type||

||Skin tone||

||Chest size||
》34 b

||Natural hair colour||

||Current hair colour||

||Hair length||

||Usual hair style||
》high ponytail

||Eye colour||

||Face assesorties||




》wip marks on her back


༺ Voice ༻

》 emotionless


||Do they Swear?||

||Favourite word||

||Made up words||
》none yet


》"Who the hell do you think I am? "《


༺ Personality ༻


||Usual mood||

||Rare moods||
》happy, excited

Introvert or extrovert||

Optimistic or pessimistic||

Lazy or active||

||Positive traits||
》strong hearted
》caring even though she doesn't show it
》 will fight til the end

||Negative traits||

》sour candy
》calm people
》gentle people
》being outside

》noisy people
》little kids
》bland food
》spicy food
》being inside
》being locked up

》being locked away
》being kidnapped
She was kidnapped and treated horribly when she was little. She stayed in a tight, small room while she was there.

》her past
》her friends


》doing hair

||Habits|| (good or bad)
》looking down when she talks
》back talking
》flirting (without realizing it

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"Quote." You would never truly know me and if you did bad things would happen to you
Name: Michiko Takenaka
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Partner: Miho Mizushima
Class: E.A.T.
Type: bird themed lighting magic
,Primary spells_
lighting wings a basic attack spell that shoots out 10 feather shaped bolts of lighting
quick escape a lighting bird will descend from above and hit the ground in front of her creating a blinding flash, allowing for a quick get away
heavens raft
A signal large feather will fall at a defined point a shock everything in 10ft of that point
(I'll think of more latter)

Abilities: Mister mimicry- she can use a weapon like a Mister with out being one
She can also use this to appear as a Mister
Sole control- she uses this to maintain control over her weapon and only her weapon

*Personality:*she's quite friendly when she's using her mister mimicry to look like a Mister

But when it comes to DWMA students/ teachers, when she's not using it, there will be hell to pay


Bio: she's always had a thing agents DWMA, probably because she's a witch but that's stereo typical of witches.
Anyway when she was 10 her mother passed down to her two skills sole manipulation and Mister mimicry. Once she had mastered these two skills her mom took her to find a suitable weapon to in slave for personal use. She had selected a weapon by the name of Miho Mizushima, who was 7 at the time. She honestly didn't have a very good home life, so in a sense this was the best thing to happened to her. After capturing Miho with her sole manipulation she began to practice using the Mister mimicry skill, and mastered for the most part using Miho.

After a little while her mom disappeared and Michiko started to blame DWMA. She really just wanted to get back at the person who killed her so she secretly joined DWMA with two purposes: one find who got her mom, two learn from the Misters and make sure she doesn't succumb to the same fate.
She also pieces off a few every now and then when they get to close to knowing who she is.

Status: [Undercover] She's acting as a students to observe the young misters and weapons, to better combat them herself, when the time comes

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[Quotes:] ".......Hello......"
"What is the meaning of life when someone see the lost of a life"
"Never underestimate your opponent no matter what"
"One day I will find my sister no matter what will happen to me"

[Name:] Shinohara Grayson

[Age:] 16-18

[Height:] 6'2 ft

[Weight:] 190

[Gender:] Male

[Species:] Human

[Sexuality:] Straight

[Crush:] None ((Open))

[Family:] They all died but I have a sister but she has been now where to be seen

[Friends:] none but it will me fun to have one

[Appearance:] (Pic)

[Personality:] Kind, Nice, Sweet, Serious Type Sometimes, Mysterious, Cold Hearted, Depress, Tired Sometimes

[Likes:] Coffee, Reading Books, Sleep, Peace And Quiet, And To Be Alone Sometimes

[Dislikes:] Not Be Alone All The Time, Loud Noises To Keep Me Up, Cocky People

[Any Special Marking:] Has a tatto that covers my who arm but he keep it hidden with his long sleeve and never plans it to use it

[Strengths:] Is good with Close and Mid Range Combat In My Human Form, Stealth, Leg And Arm Strength, lack of pain

[Weapons Form:] Is A Dual Twin Black Katanas ((Pic))

[Weaknesses:] The Element Counter Of Mines, Range Attacks, Memorys Of My Past ((It happens Often)), can't tell of he's taking to much damage

[Powers:] Can Control Two Elements Of Lightning, And Shadow As I Can Use How Ever Me Or My Master Or Mistress Wants

[Master/Mistress:] none ((Open))

[Bio:] When I was a little kid it was common from my family to become weapons and I was rare cause I can become two weapons at once and use two Elements in my weapon form and human form and the one day that scars me for life is that I was kidnapped as a child and me and my sister have a bond and I know she is still alive and I was beat to death and later on I lack of pain so I do act like a normal human and so kid will make fun on me and mock me later on join this school so I can become a death weapon and hope to find the right person to be my master or mistress and now let's see what will later in my future

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'Murder.. Why do I murder? Well it's fun to watch them slowly suffer'

'Butchering people too is fun! Why just stabbing them?! Why not tear them apart!'


✤ Full Name ✤: Steal Ella Ford
✤ Meaning Of Name ✤: Well Nothing!
✤ Nickname ✤:


HAHA! Well my friends Call Me Stella

✤ Reason for nickname ✤:

I'm a Crazed Murderer

✤ Age ✤: She looks around 17 or 18, But really she is in her Early 30

✤ Gender ✤: Female you Dingus!
✤ Place of Birth ✤:
Death City~

✤ Birthday ✤:

September 29th!

✤ Species/Race ✤:

✤ Blood Type ✤:
✤ Occupation ✤:
✤ Sexual Orientation ✤:
✤ Social Status ✤:
Known around town to be dangerous, People think I'm a witch!

✤ Relationship Status ✤:



✤ Body Build ✤: Skinny, Thin

✤ Height ✤: 5,5

✤ Weight ✤: 94lbs

✤ Skin colour ✤: Pale

✤ Hair style ✤: Messy

✤ Hair colour ✤:

✤ Eye colour ✤:

✤ Distinguishing Features ✤:

Scars all around my body!

I also have many stitches, That by the way I do for fun on my body!

✤ Preferred Clothing ✤:
Something to hide me into the shadows more so Anything Revealing and Black

✤ Accessories ✤:


✤ General health ✤: I guess my Heath is fine! Except for my sanity!

✤ Posture ✤:
She slouches a lot!
✤ Any physical illnesses? ✤:
✤ Any mental illnesses? ✤:
Just losing my sanity every second!
✤ Take drugs? ✤:
Ehhhh No
✤ Smoke? ✤:
✤ Alcohol? ✤:

Pfft! All The Time

〖Mental/Emotional State〗

✤ Archetype ✤:
Perverted Loner
✤ Mental age ✤:
✤ Act before thinking/Think before acting? ✤: Both


✤ Way of speaking ✤:
Calm, Collective,
When she is in a fight
She whispers a lot but she seems very excited to murder or even fight
✤ Common conversation starter ✤:
'What's Up sweetie!'
'Awwwe, Don't ignore me! Pay attention to me!'
✤ Swears? ✤:

All the time


✤ Likes ✤:
Males who like butchering/ Dissecting

✤ Dislikes ✤:
Good-Two shoes
Never swearing
Never smoking
Never drinking
Never killing




Scratching her head when nervous

Hurting people

Being Cuuuute~!


✤ Strengths ✤:

Showing off her body

Being in power

Falling in love ^~^

Seeing her / Someone's Blood

✤ Weaknesses ✤:

Being ignored (She is completely helpless when ignored)


Her Senpai doesn't pay attention to her


Killing by herself

Her weapons forms are :

FireArm Axe (It's a gun/axe)

Auto Axe (It's technically a saw)

Fire Arm Axe:
A shot gun with the head of a Axe on the top

Auto Axe:
It's a moving three headed Axe moving at a speed that you can't even tell how many axes on their!


✤ Education ✤: A++
✤ IQ ✤: High
✤ EQ ✤: High


I'm A Killer~


Being put into jail, She hates the idea of it in every way,

Hurting someone she likes


Never Dying!!

Having all the attention on me!


✤ Food ✤: Meat (Rare~)
✤ Colour ✤: Crimson..
✤ Animal ✤: Kitty cats~!!
✤ Number ✤: 8
✤ Holiday ✤: Halloween
✤ Season ✤: Fall / Spring
✤ Time of day ✤: 5:55am
✤ Thing to watch ✤: Death
✤ Movie ✤: Nightmare Before Christmas
✤ Show ✤: DEEEAAATH!
✤ Type of art ✤: Blood scattered on the floor, And guts decorating everywhere!
✤ Genre of music ✤: medal
✤ Genre of literature ✤: Novels, Poems
✤ Genre of shows ✤: Horror
✤ Genre of movies ✤: Horror


Every since she was born, She was given a unique eye colour..


Every since she opened her eyes Her parents thought she was made out of pure Nightmares And decided when she was five to dump her on the street.. I wouldn't blame them, My first words were 'Momma? death'
I learned everything I needed when I was five.. People ran away from me and all I wanted was attention.. Someone to love me unlike my parent's

At the age of 7

Walking through the alley ways which she now made her home, She saw what to be a meat shop cutting up new meat, While the person killed the pig she stared.. Soon when his meat cleaver hit down on the now dead pig, Blood splattered on her face before some of it went into her eyes, Screaming out in pain she cried.. Except..
Her tears.. they weren't blue or see through. no

They were blood.. Her tears were blood
Some people helped her out with it before she went through the streets and grew
On them.. Seeking attention


Fearless (Besides jail)



Lovable when you don't know her little secret~!

Attention Seeker

Yandere (Hehe~)

Risk taker


✤ Family ✤: I killed them..
✤ Love interest ✤: Someone who is passionate to people killing~
✤ Friends/Allies ✤: None
✤ Enemies ✤: Nobody.. Any less they touch Senpai


'Drip drip drop.. the blood runs down my blades~'
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Reana sat on the steps, sitting down, her staff being rolled around her fingers. Gruff was asleep on her lap, a small ball of fluff. You see her sitting there, and find it creepy. You....

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Name: Diana Williams


Personality: Quiet,clever, cunning.

W/M:Weapon, Chainsaw

S/O: Straight

( I'm looking for a long term To partner, preferably a male so it can be romantic, message me on hang outs or add me on discord, ~JustARoseWithPoisionousThorns~#1706 ))
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