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Add me on insta Pxpi_Meli πŸ’―
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Hi, I'm sam hmu on hangouts pls i need friends lol I'm genderfluid and into girls!

I need new friends help me

People this group has died

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Moldy cheese
Not even the blue cheese kind of mold
That's loved by many and socially acceptable
I'm the mold that you sneer your nose towards
Clamping your nostrils as to not dare inhale my vile aura
Tossing my very existence into this trash can that is revolt
Not even bothering to imagine my flavor if only I wasn't so God damn moldy.
Some may attempt to cut off the mold as "the rest is still good"
Much to their optimism's embarrassment, they find themselves cleaving away my entirety
At least they attempt to understand
A mozzarella doesn't fair well when neglected from monthsο»Ώ

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So posting this because I've been seeing all the gender polls on google plus and they make me really frustrated, so I decided to post one with as many options I could think of at the moment.✌🏽(I had to do a website because I had to include more than 5 options. If other please comment on this post.)

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In case you don't know what I was talking about in my previous poll.

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Wow! Amazing Boy catch big python in the Rice Field by Hand
How he can catch the big python with his own hand?
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