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Alright, now that we are officialy on our way I would like to let everyone know that this group is not just an anti Troll community. This is also a learning community and a family.

Feal free to post knowledge that you have on hacking and technology. (I would love to see what you know)

If you have any problems contact me or +Steampunk Master​ we will try to help you as much as we can. Please dont rant on the community.

Does anyone know if the previous leader is still active on Google+ anymore? I just wanna know. If so give me his current username, he might have changed it. If I talk to him it might help us a little considering he stepped down from his leadership position.

I have only noticed this now, but our Anti-troll group is named after a bird whose purpose of life is to fuck. Just saying.

I think Velvixia would seem less of a threat if we took up arms outside the internet and started forming a small resistance of our own. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile and there are quite a few downsides to it, but I'm pretty sure Velvixia will know we are serious about our cause then either backdown our do the same. I am also fully aware that members of Velvixia can see this post and I intend for them to know where I now stand.

TNTO Knight asked to join, but i banned him on sight.

OK well I thought Velvixia died off but I guess I was wrong. Well anyway best of luck to all of you guys and I hope this community will be effective this time.

+Tord ​what are you doing here?

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Alright boys and girls, it seems MoC retired and is no longer a problem. Tord is still a threat, but out of MoC and him, he's easier to handle. Im certain we could actually make a deal with this one.
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I have an announcement to make, one that is highly important. Grady green, a friend who got arrested for Takeing down The schools intetnet network and hacking its files has agreed to join us. He isnt a DOXXr thats for script kitties. He is the big game, and he wants to take someone out who we "love" dearly.

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As of right now, velixia is as good as fallen. MoC is being investigated by the police on cyber crimes. We have taken his information and are now holding it incase he manages to hide it. I have been rison to mod in velixia and am either going to get MoC to make me owner so I can take it over. Or, I am going to take it down. Choice is yours.
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Down with it
Take it over (kameron preference)
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