practicing fighting and magic while listening for any 'visitors'

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Name: Madison Heart
Species: Part fox and shadow
Camp: None (is it okay if we don't have a camp)
Special Power: shadow power, shape shifting, intelligence,
Secret: well it wouldn't be a secret if I told all of you
Strengths: my shadow power gets stronger at night and I can shapeshift into anything like an animal or a person I can even be an object
Weakness: seeing my loved ones hurt ((I'm gonna invite them into the community their names are the blue reblious wolf/guard of phoenix drop  the purple reblious fox/ guard of phoenix drop and mysterious masked man))
Looks: the pictures below
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she's laying on the flowers thinking about something

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[[I know this is A LOT to read, but I'd appreciate it if you read it all!]]




The Nine-Tailed Fox





Home town/village





Flames, magic, animals, quiet, magic, other meif'was

dislikes evil shadow knights, evil people, humans(at first), selfish people, weak people

Abilities Ahri can control peoples minds (like a siren), control lighting, can control powerful blue flames, heal, see in the dark, transform into an arctic fox, and speak to animals.


The Ionian countryside burned. Shadow knights ripped through the land like a serrated knife, their gleaming armor blood-red in the sinking sun. Blazing temples lit the waning daylight, and distant cries of anguish filled the air

Seven Shadow knights eased through the brush, pushing ever closer to the mountain. Dark-eyed and wary, the men kept their hands on their weapons as they crept through the settling dusk.

Ahri found them in a matter of moments and followed them through the forest. She darted between the trees, suspicion mounting as she observed their movements. Of their mission Ahri could only guess, but she had fought enough battles to know killers when she saw them.

The squad’s captain scanned the undergrowth. Without breaking stride he whispered a brief order to the man at his back, who relayed it to the man at his. Ahri thought nothing of it, and continued her silent pursuit.

Suddenly, seven hands reached for seven arrows.

“Now!” roared the captain. The shadow knights loosed as one, and a flurry of hawk-fletched arrows flashed towards Ahri.

She dived from the bushes as two arrows sliced through her sleeve. Ahri ripped it off and dashed into cover, yellow eyes aflame with shock and fury. She would lose no sleep in killing these men.

Ahri opened her palms to the sky, and felt the raw power of her spirit coalesce. Her nine tails fanned out in all directions as she pulled white fire from the air with a snarl. With a flick of her wrist, Ahri summoned three motes of spinning flame. She dodged another volley of arrows before leaping for the nearest tree, coiling her tails to spring from its trunk, back towards her assailants. The shadow knights scattered as she landed in their midst. The man closest to her thrust a knife, but the blade cut only air. Ahri danced through her foes with blinding speed.

The fiery motes around her engulfed the three nearest men. White flames seared them, but Ahri had more than brute force in her arsenal. She vaulted from tree to tree, rising higher with every bound. She spotted the squad’s captain crouched between a tangle of tree roots, his bowstring taut. Given half a chance, Ahri knew he’d put an arrow through her eye. She crept silently to the branches above the captain’s shelter and spoke, her soft words laced with beguiling power.

“Human,” she whispered. “Come to me.”

The captain’s features went slack. Through no will of his own, he set down his bow and walked from cover. He looked up, eyes wide with desperation and desire.

“Now climb,” said Ahri, blowing the man a kiss.

The captain, utterly in her thrall, scrambled for footholds on the tree trunk. Ahri summoned a sphere of lambent energy to her palm, its innocent appearance belying its vast power. She drew back her arm, allowed herself a vulpine grin, and hurled it downwards.

The orb streaked through the captain before flying back to Ahri palm, and his smoking body fell to the forest floor with a thud. The remaining scouts fled in terror, but running proved every bit as futile as hiding. Ahri vaulted from branch to branch, tails whirling behind her as she struck two men down with thunderous bolts of energy.

The last man collapsed in a tangle of limbs, clutching at his broken bones as Ahri landed gracefully beside him. She grabbed the shadow knight’s throat, and put her face an inch from his.

“You brought this on yourselves,” she hissed, and snapped the man’s neck with a blast of concussive force.

Only one task remained.

Ahri had no qualms about gaining her humanity by taking it from men who had no use for it. She knelt over the fallen shadow knight, feeling his pulse fade. She placed her hands to either side of his face. The light of his essence flowed from his eyes and mouth, and a thrilling sensation surged through Ahri. His humanity poured into her, and she felt the fox within withdraw with every heartbeat. Her tails curled in pleasure, her expression rapturous.

Yet even lost in that glorious sensation, Ahri heard the sound of approaching footsteps. The villagers, hearing the sounds of combat, were coming to investigate. She couldn’t let them see her like this, draining what remained of a dying man’s life. To their eyes she would seem a terrifying mystery: a damnable half-breed stray, neither human nor beast.

Reluctantly, Ahri turned from her feast, seeing shapes moving through the trees and bushes. She recognized the men and women she had watched from afar, remembering the friendship she hoped they might one day share.

Knowing that if she stayed, they would find her. Ahri ran through the forest, not daring to look back. She decided to leave, and planned to never come back. After a few days, Ahri now back to her normal self, she discovered a new town. From a tree overlooking the town, she saw an odd variety of beings. For some strange reason she felt a sense of hope, a longing. "Such strange people... Living together peacefully, yet so different from each other..." Ahri finally made up her mind, and jumped down from the tree. If the people here can get along so well, maybe I can develop a friendship I have always wanted...
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Special Power-Nature
Secret-Can Also Mind Control And Read Minds
Strengths-Nature and Friends
Description-Im Usually a cheerful person but when people talk about family I break Down

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Crush: open must be werewolf
Mate: none
Likes: water, speed, combat, werewolves and dogs
Dislikes: lava, other Meif~wa who judge me and marshmallows

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Wont say
Dont have any
Dont have any right now
Have orange hair a purple dress and purple boots (p.s)i dye my hair sometimes...

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Name: Eli Poseidonis
Species/Camp: Meif'wa ( even though I'm a Warlock )
Special Power: Warlock
Secret: Shadow Knight but I can't use it, kind of like S1 Laurance
Strengths: Water, Night, things like the mountains where I can leap and scurry through obstacles leaving my opponents in the dust
Weakness: Destruction magicks ( Because if I hop from tree to tree or rock to rock they would destroy the next branch or rock or just blast me away :P ), god modders ( everyones weakness ), Fear magicks
Looks: Light brown hair ( Meif'wa ears and tail the same ), sea green eyes, thin but strong muscles, animal slits in them


Special Power:telekinesis
Secret:half werewolf
Strengths:her moon charm
Weakness:high pitched noises
Looks:brown hair red eyes and black ears and tail
Description (for descriptive people):
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