so m trying to think of an arc to do...anyone have any good ideas?
+Ivo Robotnik +Eevee Eleven +Junko Enoshima Robotnik and anyone else

walks in, wearing my mouthplate

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((Rebrand of profile))
Name jake lee
Age 17
Race human
Powers portals healing and controlling kinetic energy
Abilities bladesmaster and marksman
Weapons a HF(high frequency) blade and sniper rifle
Bio a dimensional travel he wanders the worlds seeking adventure and making friends and occasionally saving lives
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A brilliant light appears in the sky a girl falls out she has wings she is unconscious as she nears the ground her wings unfold and she glides to safety all the while still unconscious

Name jin Ryun
Age 16
Race fallen angel
Powers flight and magic
Abilities weapons master
Likes friends and being with jake
Dislikes violence and bullies
Bio jakes girlfriend who died she lived in heaven blissfully unaware of who she was then one day she was flying around and she witnessed a battle in the battle were jake and his friends((+Julian Robotnik +Christian Adams +Eevee Eleven)) after that day her memory began to slowly return when it had fully returned she set out to find the spot where she saw him and after many days she finally did

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Name: Miyuki Amamura

Age: 15

Gender: female

Species: human

Bio: born and raised in Tokyo, Miyuki discovered a power ring which suddenly teleported her to knothole village. Now living in a Japanese style home, she is great friends of the freedom fighters and often heals them when injured or close to dying. She is very shy and often blushes a lot. 

within the great forest the necron army is amassing nearly 100 in strength now with buildings within 5 miles of the village the Necron lord gives orders to stop building and start training more troops soon this whole PLANET WILL BE OURS AHAHA!

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Wow guys I'm amazed at how much the community has grown in just two days thank you so much

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Name jake
Race human
Age 17
Powers portalmaster and Mage
Weapons a runesword twin daggers and other swords
Bio ill make it up as I go

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Name:Zonic Maurice Hedgehog
Getting Hurt,My Family In Trouble
Bio:Im Zonic When I Was 5 My Parents Got Robotasized And I Was Training With Zonecops When I Was 9
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a space time rift opens and a man falls out of the sky landing nimbly he says to himself so this is where jake ended up he begins walking looking for jake

Name hellfire Hawthorne ((goes by Hawthorne))
Age 20
Powers can control kinetic energy
Abilities expert card thrower and marksman
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