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2. If you download a hack, +1 the post so they know you downloaded it
3. Format entries like the following:
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        Video Preview- 
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4. Be kind and respectful (Something you won't find on the real BV)
5.  If you want to do a topic thread, make a post, and your thread will continue in the comments. (Topic threads are ONE post)

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About time someone added something here.

Well, here's something you all might prove useful.

As you know, Brawlex is a program that allows you to add 100+ characters to smash.

However, with Project M, this 100 cap is lifted, so up to 150 characters can be added.

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This right here... Is what happens when you paper Mario over Olimar without renaming bones in brawlbox

So, can we post PM 3.61 things here?

Hey guys, I plan on making an Inkling Girl and Shantae hack! Also, +zrksyd I'll do th brawl pm thing

+Mohamed 85
Does anyone know of a Brawl Gecko code that allows you to use the C-stick or right stick on Classic controller to hold smash attacks like in SSB4?

Does anybody know how to make Yoshi in PM have the little jump from his up special but still have his Melee air dodge? Or does anybody know how to recreate the Melee air dodge for the base Brawl characters?

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Can someone make a Inkling hack?

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You guys should use this... Makes everything better... Now we are hacking the boxart.

sorry to bother but i need to ask another question how would you install charecter PSA's like greninja with voice announcer and there own final smash and moveset ??? i have looked everywere but not very hard if anyone knows how that would be great :) i have a hacked wii hombrew system menu 4.3U Installed thanks
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