Looking for that character sheet guru.

A few months ago, someone posted their home made character sheet for a Fate Accelerated Weird West game. I am trying to track them down, as I have lost their contact info, and I have opportunity on the horizon. Any help is appreciated!

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I have my online game of FAE #Shardland (#FlintlockFantasy) tonight... Full of trepidation and especially thinking of how it is hard to make best use of Fate's tactical options (ie Zones, aspects and Fate point economy) when NOT playing face to face.
(I know that proper online RPG tabletop software provides that facility, but I have neither the spare cash to spend, nor the willingness to struggle up the learning curve)

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We have some crazy cannibal cultist and we have Rydak facing his brother in scenes from un-aired sessions past.

Download Link: https://sunday-skypers.podbean.com/e/fate-sword-sorcery-paradigms-of-the-house-of-grognak-part-ii/

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I have been considering developing an "Underhive" style game bearing a passing resemblance to Necromunda
Am I right in remembering that someone here posted occasionally about a Fate game based on the GW Warhammer 40k universe?
I searched for the obvious hashtags but couldn't find anything.

Anyone got any clues?

Hi guys, I'm really happy i found this community!
Do any of you have tips/places to find a FAE game online?
So far i tried roll20 without too much luck.

So in my Deathwatch game recently, one of the characters had a plasma pistol. Plasma weapons in 40k generally come with two power settings, low and high, with the high power shot doing more damage but requiring a brief delay to recharge afterwards. We were running pretty bare-bones so I wasn't using rules for damage or armour ratings, didn't have a big conversion chart of all the various weapon stats or anything like that, but when facing the final opponent I asked the player which power setting she would like to use.

Then I had to very quickly come up with some kind of ruling for what the difference would be. Here's what I did, please review and discuss.

Plasma Pistol (Weapon: Stunt) - when a successful attack is made using the high power setting, it must cause a Consequence. The weapon then recharges during the player's next action.

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And just to finish, here's the Padlet we used as the table. Apologies for the filesize and the line across the middle, it was a spur of the moment chop job putting it together.

Edit: it seems G+ is unhappy with the image posted, so here's a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k6ic_UVne2iG7S1RdsPHqbAfIUmPLPIf/view?usp=drivesdk

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Facing the demise of my favourite Fate and Fae groups here I have started trying to get to grips with MeWe.

Has anyone yet worked out the best way to save or archive materials that have been shared on here?
I so dont want to have to resort to cutting and pasting into a document, but it may come to that!

A quick ask:

Anyone have some ideas about Approaches for 40K? I may have dragooned my gang into a Deathwatch one-shot. That I'm running. In two days.

I am less fussed about reworking the Approaches, I like the core set fine, I'm just looking for some good Gothic flavour. Here's what I did, can anyone do me one better?

Careful - Precision
Clever - Insight
Flashy - Bold
Forceful - Brutal
Quick - Swift
Sneaky - Stealthily

+Chris Stone-Bush, you're good at this, can you lend a hand?

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