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Hey Everyone RPGSmith has launched and includes a core rule set for Fate Accelerated.

Learn more at or Launch the free application directly at

If you like what you see please spread the word and watch for our kickstarter launching later this month.

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Want a generator for random ideas, npc motivations, story themes and motifs, or for general creative inspiration?
Try the "Creative Whack Pack"!
I picked it up from a Charity shop for pennies and it is really rather good. 64 cards each with a different "lesson" or direction of thought... Makes a change from getting out all of my Rorys Story cubes.
I may even use it in real life!

Hey there, Fate fans! We're looking to get highly conceptual in our next episode and tackle a part of the game that seems to give players new to the game a bit of trouble sometimes. That's right, we're talking Aspects! What they are, what they do, what they represent and (hopefully) how to write a good one!

We're feeling compelled to find out what specific questions you have on this core part of the game. Drop them below and we'll try to get them answered for you!


I have a doubt I would appreciate if someone could help clarify, regarding groups of mooks.

I'm taking this rule into consideration:

"Give them one stress box for every two individuals in the group."

How does a group of 10 mooks work? Will they have 5 stress boxes, and each box can absorb 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 shifts respectively? This means that this group can take a 5 shift "hit" (by checking the respective box) and continue pressing, but if they take a 6 shift "hit" they are out of the conflict?

I'm I understanding this correctly?

Thanks in advance!

Hey everyone! Very excited to announce that the first episode of the Powered by Fate Podcast is now live! You should be able to find it on most if not all podcasting apps, or you can listen directly to our feed at

For those not in the know, Powered by Fate is an "Everything Fate" Podcast - we have plans to do discussions, game reviews, actual plays, interviews, answer listener questions, and more!

If you want to discuss episodes and/or submit listener questions or episode requests, you can join our Facebook group here:

Alternatively, you can e-mail or tweet us @pbfpodcast.

We would be honored if you'd give us a listen, subscribe, and rate and review us on iTunes and wherever else you get your podcasts. Hope you enjoy!

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Tonight it is my Accelerated #Shardland game. (#FlintlockFantasy by +Judith Vogt and +Christian Vogt ) . This has been a continuation of a ten episode group game, now running as an ongoing 1-1 game. Rather a climactic scene coming up as the last session ended on a cliffhanger. Will Nezhka Illyich, Wolf of The Czar, overcome the angry mob enthralled by the heretic god, solve the murder mystery, and lift the curse on the Kypovets monastery? Very excited! Will post in greater detail once this story is finished.

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So far MeWe hasnt seemed to have the same buzz as the Fate groups here do.
I'm hoping more folk will give MeWe a try and join in. When I first started with Fate, only a couple of years ago, this group and the Fate Core one : the help, acvice, ideas, inspiration and friendliness, were major factors in getting me "up and running" as a Fate GM.
Pop over and say hello!

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Brainstorming the hive mind....
So tomorrow is part 2 of my face to face FAE play of Achtung! Cthulhu Cairo 1939 adventure.
Quick! Hit me: what things must all Egypt/Pulp/Cthulhu/NaziPunch adventures include?

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Saw this and thought of #Umdaar! Have you seen this +Dave Joria ?
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