Any interest in a Planet of the Apes game on Roll20?

As I go through both Fate and FAE, I notice that FAE doesn't have a list of stunts attached to skills like Fate does. Is there any reason for this beyond the "simpler" system of FAE? 

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Reviewed Shardlands for Fate Core, A fun take on a Gunpowder fantasy slavic wonderland :)

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So, my 6 year old loves the Wild Kratts cartoon. He's an avid reader and will happily build Mario Maker levels, but hasn't had the focus to sit down and play RPGs yet.

So, I've put together a Fate Accelerated version of the Wild Kratts show called Agents of K.R.A.T.T. (Creature Rescue and Therapy Team) where he can have a character, use creature power discs, and learn a stripped down version of the game.

Aspects have been stripped down to High Concept and Trouble (Why I'm Cool and What Gets Me Into Trouble, respectively.) Approaches stripped down to Strong, Speedy, Sneaky, and Smart. Stress stays the same. Consequences drop to +2 and +4, to keep the theme that consequences never span between shows and getting Taken Out in this case doesn't have incredibly dire results.

The main mechanic change is that in place of the missing Aspects and his Stunts, after exploration he gets a Creature Power Disc with two Aspects and two Stunts on it that let him use powers related to that episode's animal(s).

I made creature power discs using cools blanks from Neat On The Inside
( ) that they made for birthday parties. I thought I'd share some of the goodies in case anyone else had a young one that might appreciate it.
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How do you handle REACTIVE checks?
How do you handle the "traditional" RPG skill checks for things like PERCEPTION and INSIGHT or other "skill checks" that are REACTIVE from the player characters, as opposed to FAE Approaches - which are by nature ACTIVE.

I've noticed a hiccup in my GMing when I think... okay, you need a perception check to possibly see/hear.... uhhh.... How would the PC in question "perceive" this, as an Approach??
Would it change, per situation? You need a Quick check to react? Or Careful? Sneaky?

And... do you, as GM, roll it and add the chosen Approach? Or call for a "Quick Roll" please?

And can the Player spend Fate Points on it? Invoking Aspects/Boosts? Can they use a Stunt out of turn on it, reactively?

How do you handle REACTIVE checks?

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Hey folks - I am going to be doing a live Fate Accelerated Character Creation for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game I will be playing in on Friday.

My character creation live stream will be on YouTube on Monday 5/15/17 at 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT (UTC - 4). I hope to see you in the chat to help me come up with aspect and stunts for Michelangelo!

Is anyone here familiar with the Alex Verus novels? I just finished the 7th book and, after also checking out some setting info on the author's site, I'm quite tempted to hack Dresden Accelerated for this.

The stories are mostly focused on the mage society, but supernatural creatures do exist (only playing minor roles in the novels, though).

If anyone has given it a spin I'd love to talk about it.

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Hey Gang!
As you may know, I'm running INMFIF at #ettincon in July and have been busy prepping props for the game - Location Cards with artwork, a funky canvas map with fabric aspect tags we can velco on, sweet character sheets, NPC index cards, chunky fate coins etc....

What I need help with is how I could use the Fate Deck to better effect? I'm planning on giving the players a hand of cards to play from equal to their stress to begin with, and thus having to discard as they mark stress with shifts. This is great for 'positive' results, but I want to engage more with both the sun and moon tracks and the aspect cues on the cards.

Since compelling will be at the heart of creating cool dramatic and focused scenes in a CON one-shot, I feel like I'm missing out on a way you could use the cards given that they have so much condensed info on them.

Any thoughts or tips?

So new to Fate and have been kinda waiting on inspiration to start up a short game... now I have it, the inspiration - not the skill, but not sure how to implement it setting concept.

So I started watching a show called Sense8, not the greatest but the premise is interesting. If you haven't seen it, it basically involves eight characters that are born at the same time around the world and have a psychic link that allows them to 'visit' one another, share senses, skill, knowledge, etc.

So, how in the world would you replicate this?

Yesterday I had a question about framing a dungeon as a scene. Today I'm pondering how to make player characters feel like a level 1 character. My plan is for the overall campaign is to last quite a while. Each dungeon will get progressively harder as they dive into them with unique aspects and stunts.

My thoughts on character creation is to leave the aspects and approaches alone as written, however I may only allow 1 stunt for now and as they progress they can add additional stunts to their skill list. I've read dialing down approaches may be a good idea as well.

My son had fun writing the basic concept of his Rogue character. We were using the Dungeon World srd for inspiration of what a Rogue can look like.

Any thoughts on a low level character feel? I love reading comments at work, it helps pass time at lunch. :)
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