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The team met a month prior to departure to map out strategies for a successful take off.We leveraged on the experiences of each group member in the corporate world.We conducted a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) cum SWOT for our activities and this helped us make certain crucial decisions before departing Nigeria.From the JHA cum SWOT, we decided to start our marketing activities before arriving Thailand.

But I still believe WhatSap is better. I use windows phone and it does not support it. Maybe some other guys might have same problem. I can only join with my laptop

Task 1

these are your tasks for the day:1. You've received all the information needed in order to become managers/leaders in the MMM Global Community. Now you have an important task: Enter in a new country and develop MMM Global there. This new country will be the Thailand. As a starting resources you have:- Internet - a team - knowledge received in the School - $ 50,000Within an hour you have to develop a plan of actions for a week. You must specify the number of registrations and deposits you will achieve over this period. Important: 50 000 $ is given only once, later on you should use the free resources from the system. Time: 45 mins

Presentation of souvenirs and refreshments after seminar. Targeted people to register per week is 600 persons and the targeted amount is $300. Total number of deposits per week is 600 persons *$300=$180,000

Hello Fellow Potential Guiders,

I am new here!
I went on Christmas break after we were admitted to the mmm guiders school.
I just came back to realized that a lots of activities have done at my absent.
could you please update me. I am lost.

And i sincerely need someone to put me through!!!!


SOLUTION600 persons in first week x $300 = $180,00030% interest on $180,000 = $54,00020$ Registration Bonus per $300 for 600 persons = $12,000Total value of GH = $246,000SECOND WEEK900 persons in the second week x $300 = $270,00030% interest on $270,000 = $81,00020$ Registration Bonus per $300 for 900 persons = $18,000Total value of GH = $369,000
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