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Obesity and overeating is usually viewed as a lack of personal responsibility  but biological research has found that it is strongly linked to one's psychology as well. Healthy lifestyle behaviors that are ignored early in life will contribute to how one thinks and feel later in life. It is rare for a child to exercise if their parents do not exercise themselves. Positive role models early in life are critical for one's long-term health.

It's not the job of a doctor to keep you well; its your job. The battle may not be easy but the victory is possible with the right choices.

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Lifestyle factors are meant to be practiced for life. If you have high blood sugar, a Doctor is not going to tell to manage it for six months and then do whatever you want after. Managing one's weight is a similar scenario. It's a lifetime goal.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are the third most chronic illnesses among adolescents According to Susan Bordo (1996), one of the main causes and reasons why adolescents succumb to this disorder is because of how society emphasizes that women need to be thin.

I have always encouraged my friends to pursue healthy lifestyles and concentrate on eating healthy. I plan to increase the level of knowledge and understanding on health and wellness issues with a view of creating a culture of healthy lifestyles in as large a group as possible.
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