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Welcome fellow Supernatural fans to my Supernatural Roleplaying community! So here are the rules

Rule 1: You are allowed a max of 4 Profiles and only two of them can be Canon Characters

Rule 2: Sex is allowed but dont go into detail and No pictures

Rule 3: This is a Supernatural community so please only post Supernatural things

Rule 4: No Spam or you will be banned I hate Spam!

Rule 5: You can be the daughter or Son of a Canon Character if the Person who Roleplays as that Canon Character says its okay

Now Here is the Profile Template


Hi there, I just joined, is it alright if I use my own profile template?

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~"I will gladly walk you into Hell with a smile on my face if you mess with my family"
~"Get off my throne Crow"
~"Family doesn't end in blood."
~"Red like Roses"
~"Let's break his legs"
~"People leave, that's life"
~"You were the one I needed and you left me as I always feared you would"

Name: Nicole "Nico" Alexander Winchester
Age: 17
Birthdate: April 15
Species: Half werewolf
Homeworld: Earth

Powers: She can become a wolf at will, being forced to shift on the full moon and becoming sick on the new moon.


Fatal flaw: Her loyalty

Weakness: She has a temper that causes her to black out. She doesn't have the best control of her temper and is protective of her family. Physically she is weak to silver, the metal leaving burns and silver bullets can infect her bloodstream.

Other notes or special things:
Pet white ferret named Draco

Backstory: (Required)
Nico's mother was a werewolf that Sam fell for. John was furious when the woman left the baby with Sam and ran after finding out he was a hunter. She stayed with Bobby and Jody running between the two as a child. Her life was spent keeping her secret from other hunters and learning slowly from Bobby much to her father's dislike. At the age of eleven she began hunting with her father and uncle. She spends her days fighting monsters and fighting to prove herself worthy of being called a hunter.

~Dad- Sam Winchester
~Mom- A werewolf named Maria
~Step-mother - Will edit one I find
~Brother- None
~Sister- None
~Cousin/blood sister/partner in crime- +Annabeth Winchester
~Uncles- Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak
grandfathers- John Winchester and honorary Grandpa Bobby
~Grandmother- Mary Winchester and honorary Grandma Jody

~Calls Lucifer "Uncle Luci to annoy him, and Crowley either "Uncle Crow" or "Uncle Fergus"
Friends: Not many
Enemies: Open to some
Romance status: Single (Willing to set her up)

Hair colour: Black but she dyed it white with a blue streak
Hair length: Just above her shoulders
Eye colour: Blue
Skin: Pale white
~She wears her mother's ring and a dragon bracelet given to her by Bobby
~Anti-possession symbol (On left hip)
~A crescent moon on her right hand
~A black and white rose on her left wrist
~Always has a red modern cloak.

~a pair of Beretta 92FS pistols that have been converted to full-auto and given compensators to make them more controllable in auto-fire, shoots salt filled bullets made from melted angel blades
~ Duel karambit blades
~A compact sword, the blade is able to be retracted into the hilt. About the size of a soda can when collapsed. Hooks to her belt.
~Normally is found in black pants with black and red shirts or blue jean overalls and always has a red cloak.
Height: 5 foot flat

Other things:
Nico is badass like her father, she has a temper and can be sarcastic. She can be witty and hates to be confined. She can drop into depression easily. She is protective of her family. She can be a "little" bit of a geek. She is extremely impatient and hates to be in the dark. Nico is perfectly capable of switching from a driven idealist to an imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit on the dance floor, often with a suddenness that can surprise even their closest friends. She is able to connect emotionally with others, giving them cherished insight into what motivates her friends and colleagues. She believe that everyone should take the time to recognize and express their feelings, and their empathy and sociability make that a natural conversation topic. She needs to be careful, however for if she relies too much on their intuition, assume or anticipate too much about a friend’s motivations, she can misread the signals and frustrate plans that a more straightforward approach would have made simple. She can be very emotional and sensitive, and when she step on someone’s toes, they both feel it. She will spend a lot of time exploring social relationships, feelings and ideas before they find something that really rings true. But when she finally do finds her place in the world, her imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible results. She has a temper, sparked easily. She can become attached to people she cares about, but fears losing them. Having lost her mother at a young age she has a slight depression that she hides and channels through learning to become a hunter and with music.

~Listening to music
~Watching Voltron
~Smoking (Secret)
~Her small stuffed moose she got from Sam

~Being confined
~The full moon
~Being called "Shortie" "Mutt" or "Nikki"
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(Anyone who wants to join, don't ask. Just join)

I sigh as I wipe the sweat off my brow. It's been a week since I left the Winchesters. Though, I still had nothing to report about Crowley. Just a bunch of bodies in my trunk. I shut it, and lean back, groaning God, this is pointless...

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Grace Rogers
Kind, caring, hates to show it, violent at times
Half demon, half human
Hunts with Sam and Dean
Fights with Cas a lot
Hates not seeing her family
Can't control her demon side
Like Gabriel, Meg, Balthazar, and Bobby
Secretly doesn't want to live, but does for Winchester's
Learned how to hunt when she was sixteen
Saved a family friend from Azazel, which is how she became a demon
Loves Angel, Kasey. (Oc)
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Reshare this please!
I’m sick and tired of people acting like they care about the sexual assaults being made by celebrities. Or maybe you actually do care but only because it’s celebrities. I can say this because you clearly don’t care if it’s the students at your school. There is proof that I have for this by the way so stay with me. In fact you can probably ask your fellow teachers or assistant principals or even look in files you’ve kept. I’d like you to think about these as I tell you these things. Think about how you’ve punished people for defending themselves. Think about how you saw people in pain. Now I won’t use names in order to at least give them some privacy and because I’m not going to get people in trouble for what they did in the past, even though they might not have changed.

Now the first story I’m going to share with you happened recently, as in this semester. Because for your information males can be raped too and they can be sexually harassed. It’s not just girls that these things are able to happen to. But back to the story, a friend of mine likes this girl who is like a sister to me. However, this other girl kept touching him in inappropriate places. Him being the gentleman he is, asked her to please stop and told her that he didn’t like her. She continued to touch him though and he continued asked her to please stop because he didn’t like her. This went on for about 3 weeks. He then went to me asking how to get her to stop touching him because he asked her to stop many times a day, which was how many times she did this. I told him that this was considered rape. For two reasons, first reason would be that he is under 16 and living in the state of Illinois and the legal age of consent in Illinois is 16. The second reason being, that he didn’t give consent! He didn’t want her to touch him like she was and he told her multiple times to stop. But after she touches him in the genitals and he tells her to stop or else he would defend himself and slap her. Her response to this was fine then slap me. He then slapped her. He didn’t slap her hard though because there wasn’t even a mark where he hit her. She then told him that she was going to get her friend and the friend would beat him up. The girl went to the office and lied, she said that she caressed his cheek and that he slapped her very hard. Both of those things aren’t true. My friend then got a two day in school suspension. He got a suspension for defending himself from sexual harassment. Now I don’t know about you but it seems a little backwards to me.

Another story that I know very well. In fact it’s my story. So I’m a female and last year I had a boyfriend. This boy was like any teenage boy. In other words he was very horny all the time. And me being stupid and foolish told myself I loved him, turns out I didn’t. Anyway, nearly everyday in the hallways or the stair cases he would grope me or slap my butt. It was a very uncomfortable thing to go through because I didn’t want a relationship like that and I didn’t want to be touched in that way. Teachers would be on the staircase or in the hallway sometimes and they’d just walk by like nothing was happening. And you can’t say that they didn’t know that it wasn’t wanted because I’m pretty sure my face said it all. I held back tears most days while he was doing it but he didn’t care and neither did the teachers. One day though he dragged me into the boys bathroom, that’s by the gym hallway and the trophy case, and forced my clothes off and took my virginity away from me. I won’t go into grave detail but I will point out that a few wrestlers, I’m assuming that was the sport they did, walked in while he was doing that. I was crying and mouthed ‘help me please’ but instead of helping they laughed and watched. Once a couple of minutes went by they left the bathroom. I had hoped they went to get help but I knew they weren’t going to. Once my boyfriend of the time was done with me I walked out of the bathroom crying still. Once I opened the door an assistant principal was walking by, he stopped, looked at me, and then continued to walk away out of the school. At that moment I realized two things, one, that no one would ever help me. Two, that the school was no help. I thought of myself as worthless and that I was just a sex toy. I debated and tried to commit suicide multiple times that year. I never told my family or anyone but a few very select friends about what happened in the hallways. No one knew about what happened in the bathroom except for me, my boyfriend, and the 2 males that walked in. These are only the things that teachers had seen at West there are many more things that he had done at school and outside of school.

I’m aware that teachers have other things to think about and everything but this does not excuse the fact that they are accepting and allowing sexual harassment and rape to go on at their school. These things scar people for life, I know from experience as previously stated. I’m still dealing with these things and it’s been a year since they have happened. Now I’m sharing this in order to better the school of Normal Community West and maybe other schools if they’re going through the same denial and/or issue. I want it to be accepted and acknowledged that these things happen and are just as important if they happen to students or anyone and that it’s not just celebrities that these things can happen to. I want things to change for the better at schools and anywhere in public or in private places. I want people to help those who have gone through sexual harassment or have been raped. Better yet I want people to prevent these things from happening and for people to help stop these things from happening. I’m not asking for much, or at least I don’t believe I am, I just want there to be a place where people always feel safe and not have a fear of being harassed. School should already be that place for kids but it clearly isn’t. Please change these things so I can have some peace of mind and so that I can at least think that I did something to make, at least the school a better place if not the world. No one should have to feel the way I did and no one should get in trouble for defending themselves. People shouldn’t have to defend themselves from this.

Hey guys I might not be on for awhile. My parents aren't going so well so I gotta find a way to make some money. If you guys have any ideas, other than "just get a job you loser" please tell me because I have been trying to get a job but no one will hire a 16 year old girl. Sorry about all of this but my parents are just both in the hospital right now and I have to find a way to support me and my little sister. I'm open to anything that'll get me money at this point. So please tell me if you know something.

Just got back from a hunt and laying on the motel bed exhausted as I hear something (knock on the door or angel wings you decide depending on your character) still laying down eyes closed Hello?

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*Name: Kassidy Angelus

Species: Fallen angel

*Gender: vessel is female

Age: vessel is 18

Hair: long, straight, dirty blonde

Eyes: golden hazel

Skin Color: tanish

Accent(if any): none

Body Type: Lean but muscular

Scars: none

Clothing: usually wears skinny jeans, tank top, jacket, combat boots

Personality: Sarcastic but very sweet once you get to know her.

Likes: Food, nature, animals, music.

Dislikes: monsters

Fears: hurting people she cares about or being alone forever.

Dreams/Goals: To survive, and have fun doing it

Abilities(like can run super fast, superhearing, etc): None (sense grace was lost)

Powers(If any): none

Flaws: hotheaded, carefree

Family/Relationships: none (that she knows about)

Family: human family is dead however, she forgot about the angels when she fell.

Backstory: Kassidy was cast out of Heaven because she fell in love with a human boy and when her brother Lucifer fell she wanted to keep him company. Once she fell though she lost all memories of when she was an angel and lived a normal life until she was 5 when vampires killed her new, human, family. She then became a hunter and lived on the streets.

Pet name: Patch

species: Hell hound

Description: Young Hell hound that she found when it was a puppy and has tamed it..

Size: 4 foot tall, 6 foot long.

Weight: about 333

-can see in the dark
-can disappear
-runs quick
-drag people to Hell
-sharp teeth and claws
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Name: Kevin Dauer
Age: 25
Car: Alpine A310 V6
Personality: Analytical, Elegant and Friendly
Weapons: Dual Pistols, Silver sword,
Other items: Scion (an object that can track Angels and Demons)
Bio: Kevin was born in Johannesburg South Africa. His family moved to the US when he was 12. He studied monsters in his spare time and eventually became a hunter after his family moved back to South Africa

1, Kevin
2, Alpine A310 V6
3, Scion
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