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Main causes

From misdemeanor to felony DUI. 
Killing, rape, and murder
Serial Killers- generally defined as someone who murders three or more people in in three or more events over a period of time.  Often develops into a signature ,  they want credit for the kill.  They blend in as normal.

Infamous Murders- What makes a killer murder infamous?  The number of Victims.  Brutality of the crime.  Some kill for pleasure. 

Drunk driving, spousal abuse, drug possession, rape, and murder.

Female Offenders- Female crimes is growing.  They range to serial killers,  rapists,  baby killers, embryo snatchers,  attempted killers,  muggers,  and teachers.

Victims- Some are killed by family and others by strangers.

Child Killers- Considered the lowest of criminals.  We need more laws to protect us.

Cannibals- any species that consumes members of its own kind.

Sadists- They receive sexual gratification from inflicting pain or emotional abuse.

Parents who kill their children- Some do it for greed, children interfere with parent's day-to-day life.  Post partum depression, and psychotic hallucinations.

I hope all of you that can will join. Let's fight crime. There is way to many crimes. Ask questions and give answers. What is your view.  How would you change it?
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