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Simplified Template Directory
We've made it even easier to migrate your PHP, [...] apps to Openshift....
 ...this makes the new OpenShift app directory structure compatible with all major upstream PHP projects, including Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Zend Framework...

WAIT !!!

I am not entirely sure but AFAIK the only Joomla! related project that could benefit from this change is the JTracker Application :)
I just tried it and it works like a charm.

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There is currently an issue that might belong here:

I'm going to close this issue, so the discussion might go on here.

Can the "build" field have a suggestion list based on the tags in the repository?

(and is this or the issue tracker repo the better place to ask that sort of question)

I'm a little confused with the new issue tracker and how it will handle the workflow of a bug and specifically the github bug that you cant easily add a pull request to an issue.

From what I can tell (might be wrong I hope) github automatically creates an issue when you create a pull request but not the other way.

So a new reporter comes to the tracker and raises an issue. There is some debate about the issue and then it is confirmed. At which point someone creates a pull request which means the tracker automatically creates a brand new issue. So all the discussion about the issue is now split between two different issues.

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For those who haven't had the opportunity, the slides from my #JWC13  session are posted.  Video was taken but isn't up just yet.

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The CMS is better than this application in an area!?  Not possible!  LOL

They haven't shared the schedule yet, but my session for the Joomla World Conference about this little project got accepted.  Since timelines and availability keep slipping to the right (and my burnout level keeps rising because of it), my hope is that we could be either beta or RC ready by then (November 8 for those not tracking) then I might let that announcement slip into my slide deck.

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Thanks Michael for inviting me to take a look at the work so far. Awesome stuff.

As we discussed on Skype I think the UI could do with a little love and care. 

Currently the avatar and name are too detached from each other and the date is getting lost. (See g+, facebook, github for examples)

Secondly the title of the issue is the Issue number not the Issue name. That doesnt make sense to me - the number is not really that important - its an internal thing.

I have had a very quick play at some mockups.
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So where does everyone think we stand in terms of a v1.0 at this point?  In looking through the GitHub tracker, there are to me two items that block a 1.0 stable release: filter/sort capabilities ( and data validation (  There's also the rehashed discussion on file uploads ( to sort out (be it for v1 or later down the road).  I'd like to aim for a beta tag in the next few weeks which means these last few items need to be addressed.
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