(Open rp) i walk around the school with my book in hand for studying as i did i went to go sit in the one of the classrooms tht was quiet and empty i started reading a book alone so you see me in the classroom you decide to...

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Name: Yuki Serenity SilverMoon
Nickname: Rose
Age: 17
Gender: F
Race: Demon/Human

Likes: Blood, Books, Quiet areas, Crosses, Red roses, making new friends and Fights
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Losing friends and Betryal

Weapon: Scythe, Magnum Pistol, Bat and Chainsaw

Personality: Kind, Loving, Risky, Adventurous, Crazy, Daredevil, and Stubborn with a short temper
Bio: Find out in rp

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Well, this community was dead before it even started. WTF happened?

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(Not done still Looking at everything)
Name : Ethan
Age : 15
Class : N/A
Personality : Smart and confident
Bio : unknown 

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Name (Westernized): Momoko Araki

Age: 17

Class: 3-B at Gizogako Academy

Reason to be in Heavenly Host: Did the charm with friends after hearing about the legend; was curious, yet slightly frightened.

Personality: Meek, quiet, intelligent, has a weak heart, weak physically

Backstory: Momoko had a normal childhood (as normal as someone with a weak heart can have, anyway). She transfered schools from Toukuni High to Gizogako Academy due to her father getting a new job. Until she met Usami Izumi (another OC), she didn't have any friends at her new school, due to being too shy.
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