Role play anyone?

Max walks throughout the woods, looking around and admiring the scenery

you hear a mournful howl coming from the woods (open RP)

is walking down the street from a long day at school (open RP)

Ranks of vampires

King: +Maxwell Williams Max Helvetius
Queen: +Yuna Kwon Gwen Helvetius
Right hand man +Alex Dobrenen 
Right hand woman: +Corrupted Arianna  Acress
Generals +Nasus The Curator of the Sands Alucard

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(Just an update :p)
Name~ Acress
Age~ looks 16
Species~ Vampire Right hand woman
Personality~ at first is calm, kind, polite(except to most hunters. If you're a high level hunter she's just sarcastic), emotionless, and sounds fancy. Later shows more sarcastic, friendlier, & badass side
Powers~ immortal, analysis, mist form, enhanced speed, strength, senses, liquifiable blood blade, unnatural healing, flight, hematophagy, seduction
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Name: Max Helvetius
Age: looks 19
Species: Vampire king
Personality: Sometimes a dick, but to friends, nice, caring, and very witty :P
Powers: Immortal, Enhanced Strength, Speed, Senses, Unnatural Healing, Flight, Shape-Shifting, and Hematophagy

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Name: Alucard
Age: Immortal Turned at Age of 27
Species: Elder Vampire Right Hand Man
Personality: Depressed most of the time, Savage and predatory in battle
Bio: see here i used a character form the game

Is it ok that i used a game character, this is how i usually make profiles (sorry)
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im running through the woods shapeshifted into a wolf trying to find some hikers to feed on before i loose my powers when I run out f blood( can I get some hunters and some wolves to RP or one or the other?)

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Name: Cody
Age: looks 18
Species: vampire
Personality: calm and collected
Other: has narcolepsy (i fall asleep randomly)
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