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OMG The whole voyager team saw a movie called "Remember the Titans" it was great
My favorite part
Remember The Titans - Football is fun

has anyone seen the croods

i saw ice age 4 a week ago and it was kinda bad the first 3 were much better

I just saw Jack the Giant Slayer it was alright it was basically Jack and the Giant Beanstalk except way more intense and stuff it was worth the time but if there's another movie u want to c that's playing go to that 1 instead

Best movie ever was The Avengers

i just saw skyfall for the first time. I HATED IT!!!!!!!!! ugh so boring!

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What do you think of the new poster for Marvel’s Iron Man 3?

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Check out Spidey’s new costume from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” now filming!

What do you think of the new duds, Spider-Fans?

i bought the dark knight returns part 2 today its animated but awesome
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