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Another dead com

I want a hof +Kidd Sj™

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You accept me now?!
Animated Photo

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+The Chosen One +The ULK "Twin Of Tazz" Legacy™ +Kidd Sj™ 
To show that Swaggy should be the official poster and overall designer of URW, I offer this gift hours spent on that should be the new cover photo.


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It's me it's me it's WARRIORG70 I'm back bitches! the #1 jobber in URW Roleplay I'm here because I want a shot at the tag titles. Now I know you guys don't want me here but I want a tag partner so who wants to be in a stable with me

I feel like URW has turned into a indy com

I want to chose a gimmick who can i chose
Sheamus Roman Dean aj Brock Seth

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