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🏁Please Help
Hello all game developers🕹🎮🕹 I was wondering if any one could help with this question concerning Construct2 & Bitcoin🚀🚀
Then click onto

Thank you 😊

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** Sorry Do not mean to interrupt any ones post but I wanted to get this out to the Altcoin Community.

Student at Full Sail University Studying Mobile Development gets a look at how much work is involved in Campaigning for a Cryptocurrency Mobile Application.

The Problem I believe is simply lack of knowledge in Communities where Cryptocurrency may not even be heard or spoken of.People do not understand it and some I believe are even scared of it, and so the Project goes over looked.

In Conclusion I am not at all discouraged by lack of support , and as a matter of a fact it gives me strength for I truly believe what ever you set your goals and mind to that you shall achieve!!

Check it out Here:

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