Anyone wanna rp?

Would anyone like to rp

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Well hello i'm skylinx

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(Idk if I already have a profile here but this one is more updated so I hope u guys or gals like it)
Full name: Stormy Coburn




My vehicle form is like a 5ft by 5ft ball, kinda like a bakugan, I roll around in it but it turn into a jet like form, when I take off, wings come out the sides the back opens up to be a blaster to help fly and I get a tip, like the tip of a jet, although I am a terrible flyer and I only fly if its a emergency
Likes: racing, friendly bots, weapons, junk food, movies

Dislikes: people messing with my necklace or tail, anyone stepping on my tail, unfriendly bots, broccoli, needles! , spiders, scraplets, mentioning my past, M.e.c.h, people pointing out my ascent

Abilities: I have blasters, I'm a half human half predacon, I was attached to one but she figured a way to separate us, I have a hammer I got from my brother, its similar to breakdown's but mine is less scratched and I don't use it often, I also have a predacon tail, it also has a blaster on it and 4 claws, like a claw machine

Quote: I'm friendly until given a reason not to, and if u get in my way u better run

Species: half breed

extra: I'm tall but I have a body type kind like arcce mixed with knockout and blurr, my metal plates are black but there are spots that are yellow, and some purple, what stands out the most us my Predacon tail, that has 4 claws like a claw machine, I'm 49 feet tall, although in my human form I'm 5"8
Bio: I was made at m.e.c.h when they captured a old shockwave lab that had on of his failed experiments, a predacon that came up way to tiny, they turned her into my a life support system, for me, at the time I was still in a test tub, I have a spark but I also have a human heart, its like the heart formed around the spark, much like a tree forms around other objects if there there longer enough, it looks like those cards were the arrow is going through the heart, when I woke up for the first time me and midnight already didn't like each other but we learned to get over it, then I blew up the m.e.c.h base accidentally killing my brother Jake, who was also a half breed, my twin sister however is alive and wants to kill me as revenge for Jake, I also have a bit of a Scottish ascent and no I'm not Scottish

(Sorry not all the art is finished also sorry for my bad spelling, I figured thus be a good introduction)
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Weapons:katana sniper ak47
Favorite color: yellow

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Name: Getaway

Nickname: Breakaway

Age: Early 20's

Crush: none

Gender: male

Other: black ops agent

Facts: is a quick thinker and is always calm

Weapons: pistol, sniper, short katana

Favorite thing: silence

Favorite color: blue

Favorite song:

Favorite person: Rev (another G1 autobot)

Bio: Getaway is an escape artist without compare. He's cool-headed and logical under even the craziest, most dire circumstances and that lets him figure his way out of even the trickiest surprise or sneak attack. His reputation for cool-headed escapes is legendary, dating all the way back to the infamous Armornecking Incident on Cybertron. He even has an escape kit concealed within a hidden compartment in his heel that he can reach even when bound.

However, Getaway is also a bot of strong conviction and opinion. And has no problem using his wily cunning to deceive and manipulate others to get what he wants. Even his closest friends. While he understands his dubious morality of his actions, he rationalizes them, feeling the alternative he's preventing is worse.

His Nebulan Powermaster partner is Rev.

Sometimes he is known as Breakaway

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Is Soundwave taken?

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Commander Ember

Former Name:

8 million human years

Home world:



39 ft

4.2 Metric Tons

Intelligent beyond human comprehension
Can eject energon/energy-based blades from forearms
Can convert between a vehicular form and a humanoid form

Dual Swords
Ion Blaster
Shell Cannon
Shoulder Mounted Mortars
Dual Plasma Machine-Guns (in arm)
Wrist Mounted Blade
Dark Star Saber



Main Story

Commander Ember/Lord Ember is one of Megatrons Most Loyalist Followers in the Arena And in Politics. When Megatron Created the Decepticons Ember was still loyal to Megatron.When he was abandoned on Cybertron he was working for Shockwave and volentered for a Experiment that made it so he could turn into a Predacon and also have connection to the Insecticons.

When he tried to get to earth to be by his masters side (Megatron). He was caught in the blast of the First Space Bridge but he was found by Megatron and was Revived by Megatron with the use of Dark Energon.

After a quick recovery thanks to Dark Energon and Lord Megatron he was able to tesume his command post by Megatron and was even more loyal to him.

During the Construction of the Omega Lock on Megatrons War Ship Commander Ember/Lord Ember was in charge of protecting the Energon Reserves and Including Lord Megatrons Dark Energon Stashes.

By the time of the battle on the warship agianst the AutoBots Lord Megatron had Ordered Commander Ember/Lord Ember to fall back and go to Cybertron. But when the Scout Known as Bumble bee Snuffed Megatrons Spark he found the Dark Star Saber and after the following events on Cybertron he was collecting other Relics from the War.

Predacon Version
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