Hello. I am new here. I did my best to understand your objectives in your webpage, but could someone please refrase?

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We just got the latest revision of our standard deck from Drive Thru Cards, and they're perfect. We've submitted our request to make it public, so they should be available to order in the next few days. If you're coming to Save Against Fear in Harrisburg this weekend, we'll be running games and demos with these cards, and I think we'll be able to take orders on-site.

With the cards (and a stable core ruleset), we can now start producing some "how to play" videos, which I think will really make a difference. We'll also get started now on a PDF with the core rules for download, as well as two Scout Books for sale: one with the rules, and a family book that will walk you through family creation and give you a place to track your place names, ancestors, and achievements in one place.

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Join +Giulianna Lamanna and me for a live video chat about the Fifth World on Tuesday at 8:00 PM Eastern.

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Soon you'll be able to start your own projects on the Fifth World website.

One of the issues +Giulianna Lamanna's gone around with in writing Children of Wormwood has been what to call radiation. I like “the invisible fire that burns in flesh.” Giuli’s lately been favoring “bitterness,” to reflect the Biblical imagery of wormwood. But really, I think the answer is obvious: they call it radiation.

There was no sudden break in human continuity, after all. Sure, some knowledge is lost when civilizations collapse — mostly, that knowledge which is no longer of any use to anyone. I’m sure you’ll have to go to the fabled monastery at Three Myland or some other such place to find a Vulture Priest who could tell you that radiation comes from unstable atoms casting off particles, but why would people stop using terms like “radiation” and “radioactive” to describe those places that they know they should avoid, even if they’re not entirely sure what those terms mean? Wouldn’t that be just like us? Most of us use scientific terms that we don’t fully understand without too many qualms. Why would that change? When would it change?

That got me thinking about the whole way we have the encyclopedia set up. Does the emic/etic split really help, or does it compel us down this road of presenting the Fifth World like a cargo cult, as if somewhere along the line we all forgot everything and where we came from? These are people shaped by new and different forces, that have ended up with a very different kind of society, but they descend from us, today, and I think we haven’t emphasized that enough.

What do you think? Do you like the emic/etic split we have in our encyclopedia, or do you think it would be better if each entry was just a single page, describing the subject from an out-of-character (etic) perspective?

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Jason did an interview about The Fifth World!

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Hey, I have a rules question. Under the section on ending encounters there is the following text, however I'm wondering if this should be for each turn or each round:

"If any cards remain in the person deck, deal one face-down to each place that does not have a random encounter available, starting with home and going to the right along the place row. Continue until the person deck runs out of cards.

Finally, place one new moment on each of the place cards now in play."

Thank you!

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+Giulianna Lamanna is working on a cover for Children of Wormwood, featuring a Vulture Priest holding a ray-cat. The first attempt ended up a bit cuter than she’d planned.


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A river that runs through my town and a walking trail..It inspires me for sure.

Since the way I see it The Fifth World would be focused on where I live and how it would be here. I've lived here for over 33 years..I know more about the history and back trails then most.

I know a bit about some of the other towns, but not much. Si I've been looking into them more.
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