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me and +Pigmask #200322 are flying the LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin with a lot of passengers  (please do not attack the zeppelin, we are just a taking a trip around the world, community to community, this is our third stop, i ask deeply do not attack it, thank you)

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Name: Giegue
Species: Doesn't really have one, refers to species as kin or, if being scientific, insolita alieni
Gender: Male
Age: around 113
Likes: Wine, music with depressing themes, popping into conversations for no real reason other then to listen, and grammar/spelling/punctuation correction (usually refrains from doing so).
Dislikes: Ninten's singing voice, jellyfish, being repeatly questioned, and being called Mewtwo
Versus Giegue:,
Giygas' Intro:,
Giygas' Intimidation:, and
Giygas is Wounded!:
Powers: incomprehensible PSI abilities,  army of Starmen/Octobots, basically runs Fourside
Bio:An alien raised by humans, trying to and eventually defied fate. Tries to forget past, but usually comes back to bite him.
Pokemon: Turtwig

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Name: Fierce Pork Trooper (Not sure if he ever had a name)
Age: 31 (Not so sure either)
Gender: Male
Rank: Pork Trooper
Weapons: Manly Fists
Team: Machoke - Seismic Toss, Low Sweep, Bulk Up, Karate Chop
Theme Song: Unfounded Revenge (Orchestral Version)
Bio: The strongest of all the pigmasks! He is the biggest DCMC fan and gets all the ladies for his man muscles. He owns all the DCMC merchandise. He likes Pork products like every other pigmask as well
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Name: Tito (Pigmask #200322)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Likes: Machines, Weapons, Food, Empire Porky, and Games!
Dislikes: People destroying my machines, Bugs, Glitches, and Rebellions
Backstory: Once a Colonel but thanks to my Pokemon Machine, I got demoted! Anyway I love making inventions to amaze the world and even to amaze my self. My SpyDors are mechanical spiders that have 1 Mr. Saturn inside to power them up and I have my Porkzooka that shoots raw, cold, hard pork at the speeds of sound!

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Name: Butch (Pigmask Colonel)
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Species: Human
Likes: Military, artillery and pork products
Dislikes: Enemies, nonfunctional war machines
Weapons: PSI, Fists, Pork Tank
Theme Song: Unfounded Revenge (Orchestral)
Bio: A Pigmask Colonel that works for the glorious Pigmask Army. He is highly interested in military weaponry and takes any chance he gets to use them. He is very sarcastic and ironic when it comes to speech but he is very lethal.
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(Profile Update)
After the Pigmask Colonel was killed in a fight he was reconstructed
Name: New Butch (New Pigmask Colonel)
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male/Cyborg
Rank: Colonel
Pokemon: Houndoom - Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Rest, Sleep Talk
Weapons: PSI, Rocket Jet Pack, Mauser C96
Theme Song: Hustle For Pride: /Fassad And Interpreter:
Bio: A pigmask colonel who died in a fight. He was killed by his spine breaking and ribs being broken. He was reconstructed shortly afterwards. He now needs an Interpreter to speak for him for he can only now speak by blowing the horns coming out of his nose. He is now more Beautiful, Stronger and Faster! Complete with super strength and a jet pack!
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Name: Zach, please don't call me Chaz... or sir.... or soldier...
Gender: Technically neither being mechanical, but adress me as a male.
Age: 13
Species: Chimera
Likes: Nature, hot girls (don't judge me!), Captian Ness
Dislikes: Porky, Pigmasks, Technology, War, Meat, Pollution
Weapons: Flame Thrower, Spike Shoes
Bio: A mechanical chimera, brainwashed by Porky god darn Minch. He hates anything with any relation to Porky, like, anything. He often has a weird voice talk to him in his head, that restores his memory slowly as he completes certian missions given to him by the voice.

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AHEM! Would this empire like to ally with our empire? We would highly appreciate it if you would!

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Name: Xaicas Wolfe
species: Human (with the same aura senses as a Lucario)
gender: Male
age: 18
likes: My Pokemon, friends, icecream, music, swords, aura, people with light auras
dislikes: Evil of any sort
backstory: I was born in Sinnoh. My parents were both killed when i was 5 and i don't know who or what killed them and why. My father's Lucario, Anubis, looked after me and taught me the ways of Lucario. When I became of age, I went on my journey. Anubis and my mother's Ninetails soon had a child, "Arus the Lucario", who soon became my most trusted companion and best friend. We traveled throughout Sinnoh, Unova, and Kanto together, learning as we go. We have come across many friends on our way and completed many challenges. In my team, I have Arus (Lucario), Redundance (Cinccino), Nuzzles (Raichu), Impy (Sableye), Cottonpuff (Whimsicott), and Funguy (Breloom).

barry was walking around it when he heard you
"hey if you don't show yourself if you don't you're going have pay a fine!"
((open RP trainer needed))
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